Poems of Progress and New Thought Pastels. 
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

London: Gay & Hancock, 1911.

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Any edition of my poems published in
England by any firm except Messrs. Gay and
Hancock is pirated and not authentic.
April 12, 1910.



   When silence flees before the voice of Love,
   Of what expression does that god approve?
   Is dulcet song or flowing verse his choice,
   Or stately prose, made regal by his voice?
   Speaks Love in couplets, or in epics grand?
   And is love humble, or does he command?

   There is no language that Love does not speak:
   To-day commanding and to-morrow meek,
   One hour laconic and the next verbose,
   With hope triumphant and with doubt morose,
   His varying moods all forms of speech employ.
   To give expression to his painful joy,

   To voice the phases of his joyful pain,
   He rings the changes on the poet's strain.
   Yet not in epic, epigram or verse
   Can Love the passion of his heart rehearse.
   All speech, all language, is inadequate,
   There are no words with Love commensurate.


  1. The Land Between
  2. Love's Mirage
  3. The Need of the World
  4. The Gulf Stream
  5. Remembered
  6. Helen of Troy
  7. Lais When Young
  8. Lais When Old
  9. Existence
  10. Holiday Songs
  11. Astrolabius
  12. Completion
  13. Sleep's Treachery
  14. Art Versus Cupid
  15. The Revolt of the Vashti
  16. The Choosing of Esther
  17. Honeymoon Scene
  18. The Cost
  19. The Voice
  20. God's Answer
  21. The Edict of the Sex
  22. The World-Child
  23. The Heights
  24. On Seeing 'The House of Julia' at Herculaneum
  25. A Prayer
  26. What Is Right Living?
  27. Justice
  28. Time's Gaze
  29. The Worker and the Work
  30. Art Thou Alive?
  31. To-Day
  32. The Ladder
  33. Who is a Christian?
  34. The Goal
  35. The Spur
  36. Awakened!
  37. Shadows
  38. The New Commandment
  39. Summer Dreams
  40. The Breaking of Chains
  41. December
  42. 'The Way'
  43. The Leader to Be
  44. The Greater Love
  45. Thank God For Life
  46. Time Enough
  47. New Year's Day
  48. Life is a Privilege
  49. In an Old Art Gallery
  50. True Brotherhood
  51. The Decadent
  52. Lord, Speak Again
  53. My Heaven
  54. Life
  55. God's Kin
  56. Conquest
  57. The Statue
  58. Sirius
  59. At Fontainebleau
  60. The Masquerade
  61. Sympathy
  62. Intermediary
  63. Life's Car
  64. Opportunity
  65. The Age of Motored Things
  66. New Year
  67. Disarmament
  68. The Call
  69. A Little Song
  71. A Dialogue
  72. The Weed
  73. Strength
  74. Affirm
  75. The Chosen
  76. The Nameless
  77. The Word
  78. Assistance
  79. 'Credulity'
  80. Consciousness
  81. The Structure
  82. Our Souls
  83. The Law
  84. Knowledge
  85. Give
  86. Perfection
  87. Fear
  88. The Way
  89. Understood
  90. His Mansion
  91. Effect
  92. Three Things
  93. Obstacles
  94. Prayer
  95. Climbing
  96. 'There is No Death, There are no Dead'
  97. Realisation

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