Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 

Edinburgh and London: Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell, [n.d. Inscription from 1918] 
127 p. 
NOTES: Cover title: Poems-Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
"Nearly 100 Poems Selected from her works Poems of Passion, Poems of Pleasure, Poems of Life, Poems of Love, Poems of Reflection"

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Oh, you who read some song that I have sung--
What know you of the soul from whence it sprung?

Dost dream the poet ever speaks aloud
His secret thought unto the listening crowd?

Go take the murmuring sea-shell from the shore--
You have its shape, its colour--and no more.

It tells not one of those vast mysteries
That lie beneath the surface of the seas.

Our songs are shells, cast out by waves of thought;
Here, take them at your pleasure; but think not

You've seen beneath the surface of the waves,
Where lie our shipwrecks, and our coral caves.


  1. Love's Language
  2. Impatience
  3. Communism
  4. The Common Lot
  5. Individuality
  6. Upon the Sand
  7. "The Beautiful Blue Danube"
  8. Answered
  9. Through the Valley
  10. The Duet
  11. Little Queen
  12. Wherefore
  13. Delilah
  14. Change
  15. A Waltz-Quadrille
  16. Tired
  17. Conversion
  18. Old and New
  19. Ad Finem
  20. You Will Forget Me
  21. Progress
  22. Show Me the Way
  23. Solitude
  24. The Beautiful Land of Nod
  25. I Will Be Worthy of It
  26. Earnestness
  1. Surrender
  2. The Way of It
  3. Angel or Demon
  4. Blas'e
  5. Three and One
  6. Inborn
  7. Two Prayers
  8. Love Much
  9. One of Us Two
  10. Two Sinners
  11. What Love Is
  12. Constancy
  13. Resolve
  14. Optimism
  15. Answered Prayers
  16. The Lady of Tears
  17. Secret Thoughts
  18. There Comes a Time
  19. Necessity
  20. Achievements
  21. Belief
  22. Whatever is--is Best
  23. Peace of the Goal
  24. Desire
  25. Deathless
  26. The Fault of the Age
  27. Artist and Man
  28. Babyland
  29. A Face
  30. Entre-Acte Reveries
  31. A Plea
  32. The Room Beneath the Rafters
  33. An Old Fan
  34. No Classes!
  35. A Grey Mood
  36. At an Old Drawer
  37. The City
  38. Woman
  39. The Lost Land
  40. Life's Journey
  41. The Actor
  42. New Year
  43. Now
  1. A Song of Life
  2. Nothing but Stones
  3. Gethsemane
  4. Momus, God of Laughter
  5. The Two Glasses
  6. What we Need
  7. Is it Done?
  8. Burdened
  9. In the Long Run
  10. A Song
  11. To Marry or Not to Marry?  A Girl's Reverie
  1. "Sweet Danger"
  2. A Maiden's Secret
  3. A Baby in the House
  4. I Told You
  5. A Waif
  6. One Woman's Plea
  7. If
  8. Limitless
  1. Bohemia
  2. Lines from "Maurine"
  3. When
  4. Sunshine and Shadow
  5. The Belle's Soliloquy
  6. Beyond

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