By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Selected by Cecil Charles from Poems of Pleasure, Poems of Life, Poems of Love.
London : J. Hewetson & Son, [n.d.]

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  1. An Old Fan
  2. No Classes!
  3. A Grey Mood
  4. At an Old Drawer
  5. The City
  6. The Lost Land
  7. Life's Journey
  8. The Actor
  9. New Year
  10. Now
  11. A Song of Life
  12. Nothing but Stones
  13. Gethsemane
  14. Momus, God of Laughter
  15. The Two Glasses
  16. What we Need
  17. Is it Done?
  18. Burdened
  19. In the Long Run
  20. A Song
  21. To Marry or not to Marry?
  22. "Sweet Danger"
  23. A Maiden's Secret
  24. A Baby in the House

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