New thought common sense and what life means to me.
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Chicago, W.B.Conkey, 1908. 
292 p.. 20 cm.

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The flowers have tender little souls
   That love, rejoice, aspire.
Each star that on its orbit rolls
   Feels infinite desire.
The diamond longs to scintillate
   When hid beneath the sod.
The universe is animate
   With consciousness of God.
  1. The Ancient Lineage of New Thought
  2. The Anti-toxin of Common Sense
  3. Are You Doing the Best You Can?
  4. Be Not Easily Offended
  5. For What Are You Living?
  6. Ignore Misfortune
  7. The Power of Personality
  8. Common Sense and "Goodness"
  9. "Good Business"
  10. The Trapeze Performer
  11. The High Calling of Fatherhood
  12. The High Calling of Motherhood
  13. Thought Building for Children
  14. The New Thought Economy
  15. What Is a Good Woman?
  16. The Color of Your Thoughts
  17. "In God We Trust"
  18. Are You Alive?
  19. Something About Celibacy
  20. The Old and the New Thought View of Life
  21. The Cities Beyond
  22. The Onward March
  23. Common Sense Ideas in Marriage
  24. The Shading of the Picture
  25. Woman and the Cigarette
  26. Sinning Against the "Holy Ghost"
  27. New Thoughts and Beauty
  28. Famous and Infamous Women
  29. Enemies to Happiness
  30. The New Year
  31. Enthusiasm
  32. Brace Up
  33. Universal Need
  34. Every Day Opportunities
  35. The Masters
  36. Building Kindness Cells
  37. What is Optimism?
  38. What Is the Loving Thing to Do?
  39. A New Thought Rosary
  40. Unto the End
  41. Keep Still and Wait
  42. What Life Means to Me

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