The Beautiful Land of Nod. by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Chicago: Morrill, Higgins & Co. [1892]

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  1. Beautiful Land of Nod
  2. Babyland
  3. That's the Way
  4. How the Birds' Write Their Music
  5. Baby's First Journey
  6. The Ice Pitcher and the Fan
  7. Breaking the Day in Two
  8. Why the Daisies are not all White
  9. The Poor Little Toe
  10. A Naughty Little Comet
  11. The Silent Salt-Cellar
  12. The Ah Goo Tongue
  13. The Noise in the Attic
  14. A Fisherman's Baby
  15. What Uncle Rob Says
  16. Dorthy D
  17. The Discontented Manicure Scissors
  18. Dream Town
  19. A Spider's Crime
  20. The Way to Wonderland
  21. Shovel and Tongs
  22. The Mischief Making Hall
  23. Into the World
  24. Two Boys and a Cigarette
  25. Getting Even
  26. In Grandma's Kitchen
  27. The Hen's Complaint
  28. The Princess' Finger Nail
  29. Five Little Fingers
  30. The Fall of a Proud Carriage
  31. Five Little Toes in the Morning
  32. Five Little Toes at Night
  33. The King of Candy Land
  34. I Told You So
  35. The Arrogant Hairpin
  36. About May
  37. The Egotistical Pen
  38. Bedlam Town
  39. The Downfall of a Proud Fort [Fork]
  40. The Land of Nowhere
  41. The Story of Grumble Tone
  42. The Vain Mirror
  43. The Island of Endless Play
  44. The Story of a Proud Penny
  45. The Needle and the Thread
  46. The Boastful Tube
  47. The Barbarous Chief
  48. A Quarrel Among the Books
  49. Boys' and Girls' Thanksgiving of 1892
  50. Mother's Kisses
  51. What Killed the Sparrow
  52. Social Inequality
  53. King Neptune's Secretary
  54. Queen of the Sweets
  55. The Ogre Slam-the-Door
  56. A Curious Story

Special thanks to Kimberlee Cook for her efforts in typing the text of some of these poems.
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