The New Hawaiian girl; a play. 
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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That is the luny project which has brought
The four of us to this idyllic shore.
                             [Laughs and lights a cigar.
My scheme was worked with such consummate care
That mother thinks she planned the whole affair.
Then she invited Ethel as her guest.
                                  [Silence for a moment.
Well, sometimes mothers know just what is best
For wayward sons.
                                 And yet, and yet, and yet,
Why is it one girls's face I can't forget?
Why is it that fool hope for which I started?
Four thousand miles is something of a chase
To run to cover one elusive face
And then to fail.
[Reverie.  A chant is heard outside.  The man
listens.  The chant ceases, and then a
maiden slowly approaches, calling out her
flower wares, which she carries in a
basket; she wears several leis herself, on
hat and neck.  She does not observe man
at first.

(Calls in a musical voice.)

Leis, leis, royal leis, beautiful flowers in bloom;
Colours of splendour, fragrance so tender

The New Hawaiian girl; a play. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Illus. by John Prendergast.
London, Gay & Hancock, 1910.
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