The New Hawaiian girl; a play. 
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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Some one has said, Love goes where it is sent.
ETHEL (sadly).
I think that true; one cannot guide its bent.
But I must go; and will you come along?
Your mother said to bring you.
                                          Not quite yet;
I'll wait until that bird completes its song,
The last I'll hear, till many a sun has set.
Just tell the folks I'll meet them on the pier.
                   [Exit ETHEL, looking disappointed.
RALPH (sitting down in a reverie).
A nice girl, Ethel; but, by Jove, it's queer
The way a fellow's stubborn mind will turn
To something that he should forget.  That face--
I saw once on a San Francisco street,
How well I do recall the time and place!
"A girl from Honolulu," some one said.
I wonder where she is now!  Married?  Dead?
   [A silent reverie for a moment.  Then speaks again.
I planned this trip with just one crazy thought--
To look upon that strange girl's face once more.

The New Hawaiian girl; a play. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Illus. by John Prendergast.
London, Gay & Hancock, 1910.
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