The New Hawaiian girl; a play. 
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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RALPH (impetuously).
But I will stay for ever here, I swear.
Nay, do not swear; you would but break the vow,
As many another has.  Our tropic sun
Affects men like a fever; when 'tis run,
Then their delusions pass.  Oh, leave me now;
I hear the whistle of your ship--adieu.
Alohoa oie--may God be with you!
Enter ETHEL hurriedly.
Come, Ralph, your mother and your sister wait
Quite frantic at the pier, lest you be late.
They sent me for you.
[Exit RALPH with ETHEL; he looks back and
flings GIRL a wreath.  GIRL smiles, and
sings Hawaiian song, picks up the wreath
and drops face in her hands, as curtain
goes down.


Printed by Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ld., London and Aylesbury.

The New Hawaiian girl; a play. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Illus. by John Prendergast.
London, Gay & Hancock, 1910.
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