The New Hawaiian girl; a play. 
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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Or some such name; who got in that great tiff,
And tumbled all his foes down off the cliff.
I feel I'm lying with them in the valley
While you stand all triumphant, on the Pali.
GIRL (smiling and softened).
You mean Kamehameha First, I'm sure.
Yes, I am of his line.
                         May it endure
Until the end of time; for you are great;
The world needs women like you.
                                                       [GIRL turns to go.
                                                Oh, now wait!
I want some flowers; please hang about my neck
A dozen leis; and give me half a peck
Of nice bouquets; then I will hire a band
And celebrate my entrance to your land.
I'll dance the Hula up and down the street,
And cry Aloha to each girl I meet;
And if she frowns, and calls me cad, and churl,
I'll shout, Long live the New Hawaiian Girl--
Rah, rah, rah, Yale, Yale, Yale!
                             [A Hawaiian Band is heard approaching.

The New Hawaiian girl; a play. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Illus. by John Prendergast.
London, Gay & Hancock, 1910.
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