Conkey, 1893.Men, women and emotions.
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Chicago : W. B. Conkey, 1893. 
304 p. : port. ; 19 cm.

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   "My Belief," Page 9, and "How to Educate Our Girls," Page 7.

  1. What Love is
  2. How Women Like to be Loved
  3. How Men Like to be Loved
  4. Love and Friendship
  5. Men or Women as Friends
  6. Woman as the Third Party
  7. "Men's Women."
  8. Men and Flirts
  9. Married Flirts
  10. The Single Woman and the Married Man
  11. What Men Like and Dislike
  12. What Women Dislike in Men
  13. What Men say About Us
  14. The Tactless Man
  15. Mistakes we Make With Men
  16. Liberties Men Take
  17. Woman's Influence on Man
  18. Women who are Like Flowers
  19. A Man's First Wife
  20. The Summer Girl
  21. The Women who Gossip
  22. Boarding Schools
  23. Is the Modern Girl Virtuous
  24. The Three Fold Girl
  25. The Fallen Man and Woman
  26. "Stand by Your Sex"
  27. Is Society Corrupt
  28. Foreign Impudence in America
  29. Modern Cynics
  30. Vanity and Conceit Analyzed
  31. Unapproachable People
  32. Woman's Greatest Fault
  33. An Estimate of Men's Faults and Virtues
  34. Domestic Edens
  35. Wives Who Lack Money
  36. Women's Name in Print
  37. The Narcotic Craze
  38. Women and Marriage
  39. What Marriage Ought to Mean
  40. An Open Letter to Jealous Wives
  41. A Postscript to Husbands of Jealous wives
  42. How to be Agreeable Though Old
  43. Time's Sweeping Day
  44. To Literary Aspirants
  45. Epigrams and Sayings

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