The Heart of the New Thought.
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 
Chicago :  The Psychic Research Company, c1902.
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    1. Let the Past Go
    2. The Sowing of the Seed
    3. Old Clothes
    4. High Noon
    5. Obstacles
    6. Thought Force
    7. Opulence
    8. Eternity
    9. Morning Influences
    10. The Philosophy of Happiness
    11. A Worn Out Creed
    12. Common Sense
    13. Literature
    14. Optimism
    15. Preparation
    16. Dividends
    17. Royalty
    18. Heredity
    19. Invincibility
    20. Faces [That Mental Chisel]
    21. The Object of Life
    22. Wisdom
    23. Self-Conquest
    24. The Important Trifles
    25. Concentration
    26. Destiny
    27. Sympathy
    28. The Breath
    29. Generosity
    30. Woman's Opportunity
    31. Balance

Special thanks to Kimberlee Cook for typing the text of this book.
Note: the Chapter entitled "Faces" in the Table of Contents is in fact titled "That Mental Chisel" in the book itself.
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