The Englishman and other poems. by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

London : Gay and Hancock, Ltd. 1912
viii, 111 p.

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  1. Canada
  2. Coronation poem and prayer
  3. The Truth teller
  4. Acquaintance
  5. The Little lady of the bullock cart
  6. East and west
  7. The Squanderer
  8. Compensations
  9. Always at sea
  10. The Jealous gods
  11. God rules alway
  12. Science
  13. The Muse and the Poet
  14. 'The Tavern of Last Times' (at Box Hill, Surrey)
  15. Forward
  16. Karma
  17. Petition
  18. Go Plant a tree
  19. Old rhythm and rhyme

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