Cinema poems and others.
By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

London : Gay and Hancock, 1919.
57 p. ; 17 cm

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   The only volumes of my Poems issued with
my approval in the British Empire are pub-
lished by Messrs. Gay and Hancock, Ltd.
                  Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

             PUBLISHERS' NOTE

The Primary object of this introductory
volume is to bring to the notice of
those hundreds of thousands of people
who daily visit cinemas the poems
of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, who is, undoubtedly,
the most popular poet of the day.  The first
six poems given in this volume are now being
shown on the films, and to emphasise their appeal
we cannot do better than quote from the words
of the producer, who says: "Film stories are
written by the thousand, but adaptation from
works so dramatic and yet so fine in sentiment
as those of Ella Wheeler Wilcox are rare.  Her
stories and poems are known throughout the
English-speaking world, and there are very few
writers of to-day who can touch the heart-strings
of the people and yet appeal to healthy senti-
ment without descending to the commonplace
or banal."
   GAY AND HANCOCK'S editions are the only
authorised and complete volumes, a list of which,
with full details, can be found at the end of the
   June 1919.

  1. A Married Coquette
  2. Lais When Young
  3. Divorced
  4. Angel or Demon
  5. Meg's Curse
  6. Lord, Speak Again
  7. The Two Glasses
  8. The Beautiful Land of Nod
  9. Worth While
  10. I Am
  11. Two Sinners
  12. Morning Prayer
  13. Speech
  14. Beyond
  15. Solitude
  16. My Ships
  17. Settle the Question Right
  18. Which Are You?
  19. The Winds of Fate

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