If one proves weak who you fancied strong, 
    Or false who you fancied true, 
    Just ease the smart of your wounded heart 
    With the thought that it is not you. 

    If many forget a promise made, 
    And your faith falls into the dust, 
    Then look meanwhile in your mirror, and smile, 
    And say, "I am one to trust." 

    If you search in vain for an aging face 
    Unharrowed by fretful fears. 
    Then take right now, and keep, your vow 
    To grow in grace with the years. 

    If you lose your faith in the word of man, 
    As you go from the port of youth, 
    Just say as you sail, "I will not fail 
    To keep to the course of Truth," 

    For this is the way, and the only way; 
    At least so it seems to me. 
    It is up to you to be, and do, 
    What you look for in others. See?

"See?" (Poem) by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
Cosmopolitan 49 (July 1910): 222. 
Courtesy of John Martin