By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
(Copyright 1906 by American-Journal-Examiner)

  "O friend, never strike sail to a fear.
Come into port greatly, or sail with God
the seas."--Emerson.

   The California earthquake and the
predictions of all sorts of prophets that
other "quakes" are coming are creating
a most disastrous mental condition over
all the land.
   Never before in the last century had
America such need of knowledge of the
power of the mind to control circumstances
as now.
   Never was there a greater demand for
the exercise of self-control and affirmations.
There was never a time when
those who believe in prophecies had
greated need of balance and common
sense mixed with this belief.
   There is no question but many people
possess the sixth sense, which enables
them to see some approaching events.
   But few, very few, possess the knowledge
of the time such events will transpire.
   Therefore it is unwise to be one of
those "who, through fear of death, live
always in bondage," and who by
continual fear of calamity bring it nearer.
   There is an invisible world about us
in which events which occur here are
formulated; and there are eyes on earth
which see those events in the process.
In centuries to come, all human beings
will possess this sixth sense.
   But not all who pretend to possess it
are to be trusted.
   And however true may be the prophet
who foretells your future at the time
of the telling, remember you are a part
of destiny, and you can modify events
and turn disasters into blessings by
your mental attitude.
   This you cannot do if your mind is
full of fear.

   Fear is a devil of man's own making;
have nothing to do with him and he
will leave you.  Entertain him and he
will destroy you.
   However scientific may be the causes
on which some prophet bases his assertion
that a great disaster hangs over
your locality or yourself, begin each day
with an assertion of trust in the Creator
of all things.
   Then clear your mind of all despondency,
all hate and all revenge.
   Forgive everybody who has wronged
you and saturate your heart with the
thought, "I am surrounded by a circle
of Divine Love, and nothing but good
can come to me."
   If you find fear and gloom approaching
the citadel of your mind during the
day, say: "I was placed on earth to
make the most of my opportunities. I
am here for a good purpose, or I would
not be.  Whatever occurs, it is my part
to be calm, trustful and helpful."
   When you hear people talking of flood
and earthquake and war and pestilence,
fill your mind with sunshine, serenity,
peace and health.
   If you do this persistently and
systematically you will, in the event that any
of these disasters come, find yourself a
rock of safety for others, and you will
be protected by seemingly miraculous
circumstances in the midst of peril.

   Every time you think with fear of
some possible calamity you are helping
to form that calamity or some phase
of it for yourself.
   If you do not bring the veritable
earthquake, you are bringing a business
or physical earthquake.
   Every time you think of serenity,
peace, health, prosperity, usefulness and
happiness you are forming those qualities
for yourself and building a character
which will enable you to rise over
any misfortune, and to stand unshaken
in soul amidst earthquake and ruin.
   Talk courage and faith before children,
invalids and nervous people.  The
suffering caused the imaginatove minds
of children by sensational conversation
of elder people in times of great calamities
often produces serious and lasting
results of injury.
   Help therefore, to educate a generation
of courageous heroes, not a generation
of weaklings.  Impress upon children
the power of suggestion, and teach
them the great law of mental and
spiritual control.
   It is a protective and constructive
power and will be worth more to them
than any earthly possession you can bestow
or any classic course in college.

Transcribed by Rich Edwards
Copy courtesy of Ruth White.