by Richard A. Edwards, c1997-2000.

arranged by date first published

1872    Drops of water, poems.
1873    Shells.
1876    Maurine.

1883    Poems of Passion.
1886    Mal moule'e, a novel.
1886    Perdita, and other stories.
1888    The Adventures of Miss Volney.
1888    Poems of Pleasure.

1891    A Double Life.
1891    How Salvator won, and other recitations.
1892    Was it Suicide?
1892    The Beautiful Land of Nod.
1892    An Erring woman's love.
1892    Sweet Danger.
1893    The Song of the Sandwich.
1893    Men, Women and emotions.
1896    An Ambitious man.
1896    Custer, and other poems.
1897    Three women.
1897    Roger Merritt's Crime.

1901    Every-day thoughts in prose and verse.
1901    Poems of Power.
1902    The Heart of the New Thought.
1902    Kingdom of love and how Salvator won.
1902    The other woman's husband.
1902    Poems of Life.
1904    Around the year with Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
1904    A woman of the world; her counsel to other people's sons and daughters.
1905    Mizpah; or, the story of Esther, poetical drama in four acts (with L. Searelle).
1905    Poems of Love.
1905    Poems of Reflection.
1905    The Story of a literary career.
1906    Poems of Sentiment.
1906    New Thought pastels.
1906    Poems of Peace.
1907    The Kingdom of love, and other poems.
1907    The Love sonnets of Abelard and Heloise.
1908    New Thought common sense and what life means to me.
1908    Poems of Cheer.
1908    Selected Poems.
1909    Poems of Progress and New Thought pastels.
1909    Sailing sunny seas, a story of travel.

1910    Diary of a faithless husband.
1910    The New Hawaiian girl; a play.
1910    Poems of Experience.
1910    Yesterdays.
1911    Are you alive?
1912    Picked poems.
1912    Gems from Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
1912    The Englishman and other poems.
1914    Poems of Problems.
1914    The art of being alive; success through thought.
1914    Cameos.
1914    Lest we forget.
1914    Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
1915    Poems of Optimism.
1916    World voices.
1916    More poems.
1916    Poems of Purpose.
1917    Poetical Works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
1918    Sonnets of Sorrow and Triumph.
1918    The Worlds and I.
1919    Poems.
1919    Cinema poems and others.
1919    Hello Boys!


1920    Poems of Affection.
c1920  Great Thoughts for each day's life.
1924    Collected Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
1927    Gems from E.W.Wilcox

1971    The Best of Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
1975    Whatever is, is best.

No Known Date

           The Beautiful Blue Danube.
           An Ella Wheeler Wilcox Treasury
           Moments with Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
           100 Selected Poems.
           Poems of Courage.
           Poems of Hope.
           Poems of Inspiration.