by Richard A. Edwards, c1997-2000.
In addition to the Miscellaneous Works by Ella Wheeler Wilcox listed in this bibliography, there is also a list of odds and ends of miscellaneous notes and other things quoted from Ella available by clicking here.
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"52 Thoughts from Ella Wheeler Wilcox."
Calendar for 1919.
"British Manufacture."
8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
26 pages.

"Accept my full heart's thanks."
Ideals, Sept 1992, volume 49, issue 6, page 20.
Nashville, TN

Allied cookery British, French, Italian, Belgian, Russian.
Arranged by Grace Clergue Harrison and Gertrude Clergue.
New York; London: G.P. Putnam's sons, 1916.
4, [4], 5-108 p. 21 cm.
Prefaced by Stephen Leacock and Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Full text of Ella's contribution available.

American humorous verse.
The Canterbury Poets Edition
London: Walter Scott Press, 1891.
314 p.
Includes: Charles Follen Adams, John Quincy Adams, Aristine Anderson, Robert Barr, A. Henry Beers, A. W. Bellaw, Eva Best, J. T. Brown, H. C. Bunner, Robert J. Burdette, Will Carleton, John Vance Cheney, H. C. Dodge, Jennie E. T. Dowe, W. H. Drummond, Eugene Field , W. W. Fink, S. W. Foss, Albert G. Greene, Joel Chandler Harris, Bret Harte, John Hay, W. J. Henderson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Stanley Huntley, Mather Dean Kimball, Wyoming Kit (attributed to), George T. Lanigan, Charles Godfrey Leland, John E. Logan, James Russell Lowell, Joaquin Miller, Parmenas Mix, Richard Kendall Munkittrick, Robert Henry Newall, James Whitcomb Riley, James Jeffrey Roche, Irwin Russell, John Godfrey Saxe, Clinton Scollard, Frank Dempster Sherman, E. R. Sill, William Wye Smith, Clarence Edmund Stedman, Maurice Thompson, Robertson Trowbridge, Margaret Vandegrift, Charles Henry Webb, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, N. P. Willis, Anonymous Verse Entitled: Dixie, Russian and Turk, The Piazza “Harper’s Magazine”: ‘Specially Jim.

American poetry. The nineteenth century.
Hollander, John.
New York : Library of America : Distributed to the trade in the U.S. and Canada by Viking Press, 1993.
2 v. ; 21 cm.
SERIES: The Library of America ; 66-67.
NOTES: Includes index. v. 1. Philip Freneau to Walt Whitman -- v. 2. Herman Melville to Stickney. American Indian poetry. Folk songs and spirituals. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, p. 479-482 in American Poetry, Vol II
ISBN: 0940450607 (v. 1) : 094045078X (v. 2) :
Includes text of: "Friendship After Love", "No Classes!", "The Sonnet", "The Engine", and "Nothing New".

The American Poets : 1800-1900.
Cady, Edwin H.
Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman & Co.: c1966
Includes text of: "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The Answering Voice : Love Lyrics by Women.
Edited by Sara Teasdale
The MacMillan: 1928.
219 p.
"This book has some of the first published poems of Emily Dickinson.
Other poetesses: Amy Lowell, Edna St Vincent Millay, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rosseti, Margaret Widdemer, Nora Chesson, Theodosia Garrison, Edith M Thomas, Sarojini Naidu, Harriet Monroe, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Juliana Horatia Ewing, Willa Sibert Cather, Zoe Akins, Elsa French, Grace Hazard Conkling, Helen Hoyt,  Helen Hay Whitney, Margaret Sackville, Edith Sitwell, Bernice Lesbia Kenyon, Aline Kilmar, And many more.....
Includes text of: "Friendship After Love".

Arthur B. Braley. Memorial address presented to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Jan.2, 1890.
(In State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Proceedings of the thirty-seventh annual meeting. Pp. 89-94.)
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin State Historical Society, 1890.
Memorial Addresses listed in the title are, "Nelson Deewey, bby Silas U. Pinney, William F. Allen, by David B Frankenburger, Arthur B. Braley, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Mortimer M. Jackson, by David Atwood, David Atwood, by Reuben G. Thwaites."
Full text available.

Baby Days.
St. Paul,Minn.: Louis F. Dow Co., [n.d.]
16 p. ; 9" x 5"
1920's memory book.
Quotes and excerpts from Edgar Allen Poe, Akenside, Longfellow, Frank L. Stanton, James Whitcomb Riley, Ethel Lyn Beers, Taylor, Bartlett and Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

"a sketch" done by Mattie Keene.

Because I Love You, Poems of Love.
Mack, Anna E., editor
Boston Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1894.
228 pgs
Ella's contributions: Love's Coming, Friendship, Love Much, God measures souls by their capacity [God's Measure].

The best 100 recitations for boys and girls.
London : W. Foulsham, 18??
154 p. ; p., 19 cm.
Note(s): "Including poems by Rudyard Kipling, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Coulson Kernahan, R.C. Lehmann, Mary Kernahan Harris, E.A. Johnson, Mary Farrrah, etc."/ "A companion volume to 'Humorous stories and recitations'."

The Best Loved Poems of the American People.
Selected by Hazel Felleman.
670 p.
Book Club Edition.
Doubleday & Company, c1936.
Poems  by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lord Byron ,Thomas Moore, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Rudyard Kipling,  John Keats, Dorothea Day, Edgar A. Guest, Emily Bronte, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  Edgar Allan Poe, Horatio Alger, Jr.,  James Whitcomb Riley, Henry Van Dyke, Olga Petrova, John Greeleaf Whittier, Francis Scott Key, Sir Walter Scott, Oliver Wendell Homes, Alfred Tennyson, Francis Bret Harte,  Robert Lewis Stevenson, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Hunt Jackson, and many more.

[n.p., n.d.]
1 sheet. illus. 17 x 12 cm.
NOTES: 1 broadsheet. Printed in green. Upper text bordered by flower garland.
ALT TITLE: It seemeth such a little way to me

Foster, Charles, 1822-1887
Bible pictures and what they teach us : containing 400 illustrations from the Old and New Testaments, with brief descriptions.
Philadelphia, Pa. : Foster Pub. Co., c1897.
Notes: Contains "A Morning Thought" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The birth of the opal.
[New York, 1894]
Broadside. 21 x 12 cm.
NOTES: Printed in blue with gilt edges.
ALT TITLE: Sunbeam loved the moonbeam

The Birth of the Opal.
New York, Jaques & Marcus, 1886.
3 p. 15 cm.

Bits of Verse from Hawaii.
Collected by Charles Dana Wright.
Privately printed, [n.d.]
(inscription with date reads Honolulu May 11th 1917.)
5.125" x 7.125" .
Bound in Hawaiian Tapa with 100 poems from Robert Louis Stevenson to Mark Twain, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and a host of others. Includes illustrations from photgraphs of Queen Liliuokalani, Princess Kaiulani, Princess Kawananakoa , Princess Kalanianaole and a couple of landscapes.

"Body, mind, & soul."
Hope Health Letter, Feb96, Vol. 16 Issue 2, p8,
Abstract: Presents quotations from Elbert Hubbard, Robert Frost, Peter McWilliams, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and unknown authors.
ISSN: 0891-3374

Bonanza Inn : America's First Luxury Hotel.
By Oscar Lewis and Carroll D. Hall.
Alfred Knopf, 1939.
346 p.
"But mostly it is about people, the people who visited and stayed there, such as General Sherman, President Grant, Adelina Patti, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Caruso, and the people who worked here, such as Warren Leland the first manager, and the "Negro Chambermaids and Porters". Private behind the scenes accounts."
Full quote available.

The book of friendship verse, with selected prose passages and quotations.
Morris, Joseph, 1889-1947, ed.
New York: G. Sully, 1927, 1924.
xii p., 1 l., 369 p. 20 cm.
Notes: The best poems of James Whatcomb Riley, Sam Walterfoss, Robert W. Service, Edgar A. Guest, Berton Braley, Eugene Field, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Grantland Rice, James Foley, Henry Van Dyke, Robert Bridges and others.

The Book of the Beastie.
by Ruth Ewing and Josephine Trott.
Illustrations from Original Photographs.
Highland Park, Illinois : The Forest Press, c1912.
Abe, the War Eagle; Alice‘s Queer Playfellow; All‘s Well that Ends Well; Animal Congress; Animal‘s Humane League; Ants; At the Photographer‘s; At the Aquarium; Aquarium Life; Autumn; Barry and the St. Bernards; B. and N. Goat; Bird‘s Nest; A Bird‘s Nest; Birth of the Horse; Bobbit‘s Hotel; Boy and the Sheep; Boy and Ox; Bouncing Betty; Bunny Cottontail; Burro; Busy Bee; Caterpillars; The Caterpillar; Children‘s Fountain; Circus Horse; Cock and the Sun; Cows; Crickets; Cricket and the Child; Cricket on the Hearth; Crows; Crumbs of Comfort; Diary of Polly Wog; Diagreeable Color; Dick, the Regiment Dog; Dozen Squirrels; Duchess of the Zoo; Eagle; Father Fish; Foolish Tadpoles; Forest Family; Fountain; Friendly Meadow-Lark; Frogs as Playmates; Frog‘s Goodbye; Goose; Horse; Horse‘s Plea; Housekeeper, Hungry Sparrow; Immortality; Innocent Object of Slander; Jewel, the Elephant; Kitty Knew; Lady Ann Gora‘s Party; Low Spirits; Madame Butterfly; Marmaduke, Jocko and Other Monkeys; Mary‘s Canary; Mary and Her Little Lamb; Mary‘s Little Lamb; The Meadow Lark; Miss Garter Snake; Modern Education; Mr. and Mrs. Dove at Home; Mr. Rooster, Nurse; Old Abe; On Christmas Eve; Peter‘s Friends; Pigeon House; Prof. Bow Wow Gives a Lecture; A Queer Baby; Rabbits; Rags and His Protege; Reminding the Hen; A Retired Veteran; Richelieu, the Burro-Soldier; Sheep; Snail; The Snail; Song of the Grass People; Spring; Squirrels; Stray Dog; Strix, the Owl; Summer; Talk with A Worm; Thank You, Pretty Cow; Thoughtful Butterfly; To a Butterfly; To a Garter Snake; The Toad; Traveling Monkey; Two Kinds of Sport; Unafraid; Verse; What One Year Makes of a Kitten; Winter; Winter Birds; Wonder Story; Worm Turns; The Worm; and Young Bee‘s Trip Around the World. Not all pieces have the author‘s name, but some do.
The following is a list of the authors: Oliver Herford; Burges Johnson; Hurdis; Bayard Taylor; Elizabeth Stuart Phelps; Ann Taylor; Theodore Fay; Mary Grant O‘Sheridan; M. F. B.; Clara Doty Bates; James Russell Lowell; Josephine Trott; Charles Lamb; Joseph Jefferson; John Rollestone; Ernest McGaffey; Bessie Chandler; Jane Taylor; William Wordsworth; W. S. Blatchley; Marion Douglas; Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Burges Johnson; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Fannie Barrow; Mrs. Anderson; and Punch.

Borrowings : a collection of helpful and beautiful thoughts.
By Sarah S. B. Yule and Mary S. Keene.
NY: Dodge, 1889.
Authors and poets including: Wordsworth, Browning both Robert and Elizabeth, Sill, Whittier, Aesop, Balzac,Byron, Cicero, Dickens, Julia Ward Howe, Hugo, Keats, Lincoln, Longfellow, Montague, Pascal, Plato,Rembrandt, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Thoreau, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and many more.

Breakfast, dinner and supper. How to cook and how to serve them.
Ed. By a skilled corps of practical experts; to which is added important departments on the preparation of food for infants and advice to housekeepers by Marion Harland (pseud.)…with a prefatory poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
New York, G.J. McLeod & Co., 1897.

Breakfast, dinner and supper. How to cook and how to serve them ...
New York, G. J. McLeod and company, 1897.
viii p., 1 l., 15-359 p. front. (port.) illus. 24 cm.
OTHER: Harland, Marion, 1830-1922. Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1850-1919.

Brightest Nuggets.
"Stories, Anecdotes, Poems and Fun for the Boys and Girls, from such authors as Henry Ward Beecher, Bulwer-Lytton, D. P. Roe, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edith M. Thomas, H. W. Longrellow, and others. PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED! Marvelous pen and ink style drawings.
Approx 190 pages. At least 75 with full page illustrations. Size is 7.50"X9.75".

A Budget of Christmas tales.
By Charles Dickens and others.
New York: The Christian herald [1895]
286 p. ; 15 cm.
NOTES: Illustrated t.p. A Christmas carol / Charles Dickens -- The Christmas babe / Margaret E. Sangster -- A western Christmas / Mrs. W.H. Corning -- Joe's search for Santa Claus / Irving Bacheller -- Angela's Christmas / Julia Schayer -- The first Puritan Christmas tree -- First New England Christmas / Hezekiah Butterworth -- The chimes / Charles Dickens -- Billy's Santa Claus experience / Cornelia Redmond -- Christmas in Poganuc / Mrs. H.B. Stowe -- The Christmas princess / Mrs. Molesworth -- Widow Townsend's visitor -- The old man's Christmas / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- The Christmas goblin / Charles Dickens -- The song of the star / C.H. Mead -- Indian Pete's Christmas gift / H.W. Collingwood -- My Christmas dinner -- The poor traveler / Charles Dickens.

A Budget of Christmas tales.
New York,  The Christian Herald, 1895.
1 p. l., 11-309 p. 15 cm.
The Christian Herald library
NOTES: Illustrated t.-p. Dickens, C. A Christmas carol.--Sangster, M. E. The Christmas babe.--Corning, Mrs. W. H. A western Christmas.--Bacheller, I. Joe's search for Santa Claus.--Schayer, J. Angela's Christmas.--The first Puritan Christmas tree.--Butterworth, H. First New England Christmas.--Dickens, C. The chimes.-- Redmond, C. Billy's Santa Claus experience.--Stowe, Mrs. H. B. Christmas in Poganuc.--Molesworth, Mrs. The Christmas princess.--Widow Townsend's visitor.--Wilcox, E. W. The old man's Christmas.--Dickens, C. The Christmas goblin.--Mead, C. H. The song of the star.--Collingwood, H. W. Indian Pete's Christmas gift.--My Christmas dinner.--Dickens, C. The poor traveler.--The legend of the Christmas tree.--Ewing, J. H. The peace egg.

Bugle Notes for The Temperance Army:A collection of Songs,Quartettes,and Glees.
Adapted to the use of all Temperance Gatherings ,Glee Clubs,etc. Together with the Odes of the Orders of the Sons of Temperance and Good Templars.
Edited by W.F. Sherwin and J.N. Stearns.
New York : National Temperance Society and Publication House, J.N.Stearns,Publishing Agent,No.58 Reade Street., 1871.
Notes: Preface explains what the Temperance Army is about. Most of the words and music have been written for this work, by some of the following writers of poetry, Ella Wheeler, Geo.S.Burleigh, Edward Carswell, Geo.W.Bungay, W.H.Burleigh, Rev.Geo.L.Taylor, W.W.Downs. W.Bennett, and others.
"We Are Strong."   "Work and Wishes."

Capital Stories by American Authors.
New York: Christian Herald, c1895.
Stories by Washington Irving, Mark Twain, Amelia Barr Nathaniel Hawthorn, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and others.

A celebration of love [Thirty-two romantic poems of love].
Pasadena, CA : Poet Tree, 1994
1 sound cassette (40 min.) : analog, + booklet (unp. : ill.).
NOTES: Performed by Mari Devon and Roger Rees. Introduction / David Field -- A love symphony / Arthur O'Shaughnessy -- Because / Adelaide Ann Procter -- The kingdom of love / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- Untitled / Margaret Elizabeth Sangster -- To his love / William Shakespeare -- Hearts / Pauline Frances Camp -- Wedded / James V. Blake -- Love / 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 -- A red, red rose / Robert Burns -- Brave love / Anonymous -- The little brown cabin / Lucy Larcom -- In the garden / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- Song / R.W. Raymond -- Measure for measure / Harriet Prescott Spofford -- At noon and midnight / James Whitcomb Riley -- I told you / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- The sweetest flower that blows / Frederick Peterson -- The sea-shell / George MacDonald -- Song / Charles Dickens -- My valentine / W.T. Peters -- The girdle of friendship Oliver Wendell Holmes -- One face / Sara K. Bolton -- Untitled / Fred E. Weatherly -- Long ago / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- In the air / Lucy Larcom -- What is love? / William Shakespeare (Romeo & Juliet (1.1)) -- In faith / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- The passionate shepherd to his love / Christopher Marlowe -- "I'll overtake thee" / Anonymous -- The last letter / Frank Dempster Sherman -- At end / Louise Chandler Moulton. A collection of romantic poems by various poets.
MUSIC NO: PTCOL 0003; Poet Tree ISBN: 1883446023
Chambers's recitations for the children.
Selected and edited by R.C.H. Morison.
London, Edinburgh, W. & R. Chambers [1902]
142 p. 19 cm.
Includes: "King Tommy's Rise and Fall" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The Chap-Book.
Chicago: H.S. Stone and Co., August 15, 1896.
Contents include The Awakening, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Curious Punishments of By-Gone Days 1 The Bilboes, by Alice Morse Earle. Beside the Bridge, John Stuart Thompson. The Chanteuse, by A. E. Borie. The Husband Intervenes, by Picaroon. Portrait of John Fox, Jr., by Fred Richardson. The Pious Spaniard, Elizabeth Bisland. Oreste's Patron, by Grace Ellery Channing.

Cheery Thoughts.
Collected by Montrose L. Barnet
Chicago: Acmegraph Company, 1911
Short works by philosophers and poets including: James Whitcomb Riley, Emily Dickinson, Goethe, Robert Browning, Mary Clemmer, Robert Smith, Rudyard Kipling, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ella, Wheeler Wilcox, Robert Herrick, Omar Khayyam, Philips Brooks and many more.

The Children's Speaker and Manual of Elocution : A Rich and Varied Gathering of Poetry and Prose Chosen by Leading ca.Late Nineteenth-Century Elocutionists, containing also Rules and Intructions for Cultivating the Voice.
Compiled by John Wesley Hanson, Jr.
W. B. Conkey Company, c1897.
The Speaker Series series edition.
450 p.
Among the selections: Cradle Song, by J.G. Holland; Good-Night and Good Morning, by Lord Houghton; A Sign Board, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Don’t be Mean Boys, by R. J. Burdette; Abraham Lincoln, by Mark Lemon; Macbeth Before Duncan’s Murder, by Shakespeare; The pantomime Going to Church in 1630; and shadow picture The Children of Story Land.

Choice Selections and Recitations.
James Clarence Harvey.
[sl, sn], 1902.
321 p.
Readings from the author himself, Henry W. Longfellow, Mark Twain, Edgar A. Poe, Henry Ward Beecher, Abraham Lincoln, Lord Tennyson, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and many others.

Christ crucified.
[S.l. : s.n., [1800-1899?]
FORMAT: 1 l. ; 19 cm.
NOTES: Caption title of single poem on card.

Christmas Cheer of Prose and Poetry: Selected from the Choicest Productions of Every Clime with a View to Acquaint Older Boys and Girls with the Best in Literature - Together with dialogues,character ballads and exercises for home and school entertainment.
Chicago, Philadelphia: International Publishing Company, c 1891.
256 pages
NOTES: Each text pages with a beautifully done border of flowers,birds,trees,in alternating colors-With full-page engravings throughout.
Contents include works by Ella Wheeler Wilcox ["His Old Yellow Almanac."], Longfellow, Margaret Johnson, Edgar Allen Poe, Bayard Taylor, John W.Beebe,  James Garfield,E.Harriet Howe, Loula K.Rogers, Mark Lemon, Thomas Frost, James T.Field, E.C.Stedman and others. Titles such as Abraham Lincoln, April-The Bull, Bessie's Christmas Eve Lark, Christmas Bells, Father And Mother, His Old Yellow Almanac, May-The Twins, November-The Archer, Since Nellie Went Away, The Demon Of The Fire, The Blue And The Grey, The Little Black Eyed Rebel, Ulysses, When Santa Claus Comes, and more.

Classic Poetry : An Illustrated Collection.
Rosen, Michael, 1946- Howard, Paul, 1967- ill.
Candlewick Press Pub., October 1998.
159 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.
ISBN: 1564028909
NOTES: Includes index. A collection of favorite poems by such writers as William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Edward Lear, Walt Whitman, and Langston Hughes, with portraits of the poets, brief biographical background, and illustrations. "Sadness and loneliness are felt in "Solitude" (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)."

Clear away the rubbish.
[Mount Lebanon, NY: n.d.]
[4] p. 14 cm.
SERIES: Lebanon leaves. Hope series ; no. [1]
Full text this pamphlet is available.

Clear away the rubbish!
Mount Lebanon, N.Y. : Lebanon Press, [1880-1889?].
[4] p. ; 15 cm.
SERIES: Lebanon leaves. Hope series ; no. 1
Western Reserve Historical Society Shaker Collection ; no. 255.
NOTES: Caption title: Weather wisdom.
Microfiche. Glen Rock, N.J. : Microfilming Corporation of  America, 1976. 1 microfiche. (Western Reserve Historical Society Shaker Collection ; no. 255).

Clear away the rubbish!
Mount Lebanon, N.Y. : Lebanon Press, [1890-1899].
 [3] p.
SERIES: Lebanon leaves. Hope series. Western Reserve Historical Society Shaker Collection ; no. 287.
NOTES: Caption title. At head of title: Weather wisdom.
Microfiche. Glen Rock, N.J. : Microfilming Corporation of America, 1976. 1 microfiche. (Western Reserve Historical Society Shaker Collection ; no. 287).

Correct Social Usage.
by WILCOX, Ella Wheeler, and SANGSTER, Margaret, etc.
6th revised edition
New York Society of Self Culture; 1906.

Correct Social Usage : a course of instruction in Good Form, Style, and Deportment.
by Eighteen Distinguished Authors [Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Mlle. Lilllie d'A.Bergh, Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Mrs. Leon Harvier, Rev. O.W. de L. Nichols, Mrs. Donald McLean, Mrs. Dore Lyon, Margaret E. Sangster, and Marion Harland]
7th revised edition. illustrated.
New York: New York Society of Self Culture; 1906.

Correct Social Usage; A Course of Instruction in Good Form, Style and Deportment in two volumes.
Eleventh Revised Edition
New York: The New York Society of Self-Culture, c1909.
Volume 1: Lillie d'Angelo Bergh, Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Mrs. Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Mrs. Leon Harvier, Rev. C. W. de Lyon Nichols, Mrs. David McLean, Mrs. Dore Lyon, Mrs. Margaret E. Sangster, "Marion Harland".

Crown jewels; or, Gems of literature, art and music, being choice selections from the writings and musical productions of the most celebrated authors from the earliest times.
Northrop, Henry Davenport, 1836-1909
Seattle, W.T., G. Davies [c1888]
632 p. plates, music.

The Chrysalis : Prison Epics by Inmates of State and Federal Institutions.
Atlanta, Ga: J. J. O'Donnell, 1916.
6" x 9", 149 p.
Notes: "Owing to the stigma attached to being incarcerated behind the gray-walls-of-retribution, the Editor has omitted the names of the authors. The signature of many was merely a number as inmates of prisons are not known by names behind the grim walls. The views presented in this volume are the first authentic collection of original manuscripts from the pens of the prisoners themselves. The volume draws pictures true to life of conditions in prison and of those who dwell there…(this book) bubbles over with inspiration; it teaches courage and fortitude; it pleads for a universal brotherhood of man."
Contents: Will Bless Mankind by James G. Woodward, Mayor of Atlanta; Sentences Teeming with Pure Diction (Letter from Frank B. Willis, Governor of Ohio; Foreword by John E. White, D. D., Pastor Second Baptist Church ; Introductory by Cary B. Wilmer, Rector St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Atlanta ; A Tribute from Rabbi David Marx ; An Interesting Man by Dean John R. Atkinson ; A Voice in the Night by An Atlanta Federal Prison Guard ; Help the Other Fellow by Henry Ford ;
Resolve--Poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox ; Book of Unique Value by George Gordon Battle; The right of the Prisoner by Hon. Edward F. Dunne, Governor of Illinois; Good Wishes by Jane Adams, Hull House, Chicago; People Growing Better by Joseph H. Toal ; Punishment, Hon. Clarence Darrow ; In St. Peter's Church by E. A. Barron ; Buck Up by Clem W. Huggins ; Christmas Eve in Prison;  Despondency by Christopher E. McCullough ; Foot Falls--Poem by Julian Hawthorne.

Crisp Toasts.
Compiled by Bert Davis.
H. M. Caldwell Co., 1907
96 p.
Some of the toasts are attributed -- Mark Twain, Robert Burns, William Morris, Lord Byron, Eugene Fields, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and others.

The Curse of drink or, stories of Hell's commerce: a mighty array of true and interesting stories and incidents, striking articles, touching home scenes and tales of tender pathos, all thrilling with graphic details and eloquent language of the fearful consequences of teh curse of drink.
Elton R. Shaw, editor.
544 pages.
Published by Elton R. Shaw in 1910. No place given.
Contributors include Dwight L. Moody, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Rudyard Kipling, T. DeWitt Talmage, and Henry Ward Beecher.
Hardcover in green cloth binding with decorative front cover with pastedown picture of a grieving mother asking "Where is my wandering boy?".
[Note: I have seen this book and not found any item by Ella in it.]

Delsarte Recitation Book.
Compiled and Arranged by Elsie M. Wilbor.
Copyrighted 1889, 1893, 1905, by Edgar S. Werner
4th Edition.
464 p.

The Devil : a tragedy of the heart and conscience.
Molnar, Ferenc.
New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1908
189 p., [7] leaves of plates : ill., front. ; 19 cm.
Full text of "The Moral of 'The Devil'" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox available.

The dog's scrap book.
National anti-vivisection society, inc.
[Chicago] : Published by the National anti- vivisection society, inc., 1933.
48 p. illus. 11 x 22 cm.
NOTES: Poems and essays pleading the case for compassion to dogs, by such authors as: Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Sir Walter Scott, Albert Payson Terhune, Marie Saltus and more.

Dollars want me : the New Road Opulence.
By Henry Harrison Brown.
Philadelphia: David McKay Company, [n.d.]
New and Enlarged Edition.
Introductory First Page by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, in S. F. Examiner - "The editor of a delightful San Francisco Magazine called "NOW" has written a treatise on financial success, telling people to ..."

The dream-town show (poem).
n.p., n.d.
[17] p. 23 x 16 cm.
NOTES: Illustrated with Jupiter sea-moss.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
London: John Hamilton Ltd, [n.d.]
Wedgewood Selections.

Evenings with the Sacred Poets: A Series of Quiet Talks about the Singers and Their Songs.
By Frederick Saunders
NY: Anson D.F. Randolph and Company, 1885.
574 p., 6 1/4" x 8 3/8"
Poets & Mentions:
Sir T Abney * JH Abrahall * Adam of St Victor * Mrs SF Adams * J Addison * Gustavus Adolphus * Mrs C Akerman * Prince Albert * F de Aldana * Rev W Alexander * Mrs EA Allen * Rev J Allen * W Allston * Ambrosian Hymnology * Anatolius of Constantinople * Andrew of Crete * Michel Angelo * Anselm of Lucca * The Apocalypse * FM Arndt * Frederick Arndt * G Arnold * Bishop Atterbury * Augsburg Confession * St Augustine * Lord Bacon * Rev CW Baird * Mrs Barbauld * LE Barr * Dr I Barrow * Bernard Barton * Rev R Baxter * Dr RH Baynes * J Beattie * Bede, the "Venerable" * Rev HW Beecher * B Beddome * Bernard of Clairvaux * Bernard of Cluny * J Berridge * Rev GW Bethune * Rev EH Bickersteth * T Bilby * Rev T Blacklock * R Blair * W Blake * P Boehler * CH Bogatzky * Rev H Bonar * Rev J Bonnar * J Borthwick * Rev JB Bossuet * Sir J Bowring * J Boyse * Brady and Tate * Frederika Bremer * J Breithaupt * J Brewer * Charlotte Bronté * Dr CT Brooks * Mrs Phoebe Browne * Sir T Browne * Mrs EB Browning * SG Browning * M Bruce * WC Bryant * J Bunyan * Rev G Burder * Bishop Burnett * Rev JD Burns * Robert Burns * Rev J Burton * Mrs MF Butts * J Byron * Lord Byron * J Calvin * A Cambridge * T Campbell * Mission to Canada * Baron von Canitz * Canterbury Hymnal * Captives to the Indians * Carlyle on Luther * Alice Cary * Phoebe Cary * The Catholic League * J Cennick * T Chalmers * Mrs Charles * Christianity * Dr D Clarke * Rev JF Clarke * Willis G Clarke * Clement of Alexandria * E Codner * Hartley Coleridge * ST Coleridge * A Collier * V Colonna * Congregational Singing * Rev RS Cook * Susan Coolidge (Miss Woolsey) * J Coombs * G Cooper * Cosmas * Council of Constance * Council of Trent * W Cowper * Bishop AC Coxe * Rev G Crabbe * Isabella Craig * Mrs Craik * R Crashaw * Jane Crewdson * Idolatry of the Cross * Rev W Crosswell * Allan Cunningham * Otway Curry * Simon Dach * J Damascenus * Cardinal Damiani * Dante Alighieri * Merle D'Aubigné * David's Psalms * S Davies * J Davis * T Davis * Stephen Day * Rev Dr BF De Costa * Sir E Denny * Madame De Pontes * GR Derzhavin * Sir Aubrey De Vere * De Wette * Mary L. Dickenson * Dies Iræ * Dies Vitæ * The Diet of Spires * Bishop GW Doane * Rev P Doddridge * Dr John Donne * Julia CR Dorr * Sarah Doudney * J Dryden * H Drummond * Rev Dr Dwight * Rev G Duffield * Rev Dr. SW Duffield * ML Duncan * Early English Hymns * Rev JW Eastburn * Sophia M Eckley * J Edmeston * Essayo n Man * Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia * Charlotte Elliott * Ephræm Syrus * Rev J Evans * Rev FW Faber * J Fawcett * Owen Feltham * Archbishop Fénelon * T Flatman * Mrs LR Fleming * Paul Fleming * Giles Fletcher * Foolish dick * CL Ford * V Fortunatus * AH Francke * Bishop Franzin * HN Fuller * Thomas Fuller * M Gaussen * CF Gellert * City of Geneva * P Gerhardt * German Hymn-book * German Protestant Feuds * Reformation in Germany * J Gerson * Gervinus on Luther * Rev R Gilfillan * Rev W Gill * Rev W Gladden * JWL Gleim * Gloria in Excelsis * JW von Goethe * Ellen L Goveh * J Graham * Sir R Grant * D Gray * Gray's Elegy * Horace Greeley * T Green * Mission to Greenland * The Gregorian Chant * Gergory of Nazianzum * Rev J Grigg * Gustavus Adolphus * J Gutig * Madame Guyon * Book of Habakkuk * W Habington * R Haldane * Rev Dr J Hall * Rev R Hall * Rev J Hamilton * W Hammond * Handel's Tunes * J Hart * T Hastings * FR Havergal * Paul H Hayne * Bishop Heber * Hebrew Lyrics * J Heermann * Mrs F Hemans * Princess L Henrietta * Mrs M Hensser-Schweizer * George Herbert * N Hermann * Hermannus Contractus * R Herrick * P Heylyn * St Hilary of Arles * Hildebert of Tours * J Hilten * J Hofel * Holland * OW Holmes * T Hood * H Hope * Ellice Hopkins * Lors Houghton * Mrs Anna H Howard * WD Howells * Mary Howitt * William Howitt * AM Hull * Lady Huntingdon * J Huss * Hymnology of Europe * English Hymns * Hymns, their Influence * Conscious Immortality * N.Y. Independent * Indulgences * Rev Edward Irving * Estract from Isaiah * Mrs Helen Jackson * Lord Jeffrey * Jerusalem, My Happy Home * Mrs H Johnson * E Jones * St Joseph of the Studium * Extract from Jude * Rev A Judson * DR Kamphuyzen * J Keble * G Keith * T Kelley * Bishop Ken * BH Kennedy * M Khernvimij * Harriet McEwen Kimball * Bishop H King * Rev C Kingsley * Eleanor Kirk * FT Klopstock * W Knox * CT Körner * Langbecker * P Lange * J Lindemann * HW List * MV Lomonossov * London Christian * HW Longfellow * Lope de Vega * Emperor Louis * JR Lowell * Mrs Lowell * MA von Löwenstern * Archbishop Lucas * Mrs J Luke * M Luther * Battle of Lützen * Rev HF Lyte * Lord Lyttleton * Rev G Macdonald * Rev Dr Macduff * Mrs Mackay * WB Maclay * J van Maerlant * Rev Dr Hahan * Rev C Malan * Sermon on Malt * Dr Manning * Don J Manrique * Maria, Queen of Hungary * "Marie" * Clement Marot * Marpurger * A Marvell * Mary, Queen of Scots * Rev Dr Mason * Gerald Massey * Rev Mr McCheyne * Rev Dr Norman McLeon * Mediæval Hymns * S Medley * P Melancthon * Mentz Cathedral * Margaret Mercer * Methodist Conference * Methodist Minister * Mrs SA Miles * J Miller * E Mills * Dean HH Milman * RM Milnes * J Milton * DM oir * Rev Dr Monod * Rev Dr Monsell * J Montgomery * ME Moore * T Moore * Moravian Brethren * Mrs H More * MC More * E Mote * Influence of Mothers * W Motherwell * Rev Dr Muhlenburg * Miss Muloch * Baroness Nairn * Napoleon I * Queen of Navarre * Rev JM Neale * J Neander * JAW Neander * CA Nelson * G Neumark * Rev Dr Newman * Rev J Newton * The Nicene Creed * Dr P Nicolai * BF Niebuhr * Rev GT Noel * Norris of Bermerton * F von Novalis * T Olivers * The Olney Hymns * O Mother Dear, Jerusalem * Oscar, King of Sweden * City of Oxford * Krishna Pal * Rev Ray Palmer * Harriet Parr * Rev OWB Peabody * JH Perkins * Rev E Perronet * Peter the Hermit * Peter the Venerable * S Petöfi * P Petrarch * Elizabeth Stuart Phelps * M PHile * Dr HN Pierce * Dr CC Pise * Birthplace of Poetry * R Pollok * A Pope * Professor Porter * PB Power * Invocation to Praise * Power of Prayer * Mrs EP Prentiss * Mrs MJ Preston * AA Procter * BW Procter * Origin of Name Protestant * Protestant Union * Prudentius * The Psalms * Rev Dr Putnam * F Quarles * Rabanus Maurus * Sir W Raleigh * JJ Rambach * ADF Randolph * T Randolph * Professor Reed * Rev A Reed * The Reformation * Responsive Chanting * Dr Reynolds * Rhyme-Bible * Prof WC Richards * CF Richardson * Ringwaldt * Rev Dr Robertson * Rev Robert Robinson * Rock of Ages * Rev W Romaine * Rosegarten * Baron von Rosenkranze * Christina Rossetti * Rothe * F Rükert * Rev J Ryland * H Sachs * Saint George and the Dragon * Sandwich-Islands Hymn * G Sandys * Mrs ME Sangster * J Savonarola * Saxe Holm * P Schaff * JCF Schiller * B Schmolke * Sir W Scott * Scottish Sabbath * Eliza Scudder * R Seagrave * EH Sears * D Sedgwick * Seidl * N Selnecker * Long Sermon * Saxon Sermon * Harriet W Sewell * W Shakspeare * Rev J Shepherd * Anna Shipton * J Shirley * Rev W Shirley * Sir P Sidney * Sleeping in Chruch * C Smart * Horace Smith * Mrs GN Smith * Mrs MR Smith * Mrs SH Smith * SF Smith * Magic of Song * Mrs Southey * R Southey * R Southwell * Louise B Spaulding * E Spenser * P Speratus * Spitta * Stabat Mater * Dr Staupitz * Anne Steele * R Steele * Dr J Stennet * Dr S Stennet * Stephen of St Sabbas * Sernhold and Hokins * Stoke Pogis Church * Mary KA Stone * Rev WT Stone * Mrs HB Stowe * H Stowell * Sunday School Times * Swedish Hymns * Dean Swift * Synesius of Cyrene * T Tasso * Tate and Brady * Georgiana M Taylor * Isaac Taylor * Jeremy Taylor * JR Taylor * Te Deum Laudamus * Temperance * Alfred Tennyson * Tersanctus * Tersteegen * Tetzel Outwitted * Mrs Celia Thaxter * Theoclistus * Theodulph of Orleans * Thirty Years' War * Thomas à Kempis * Thomas of Celano * James Thomson * A Toplady * EW Townsend * Archbishop Trench * Trotznou * HC Tuckerman * HT Tuckerman * D Turner * L Uhland * Duke Ulrich * Uniformity of Convent Life * Universal Prayer, by Pope * Henry Vaughan * C Lope de Vega * Creator Spiritus Veni * Worship of the Virgin * Vittoria Colonna * J van den Vondel * Wallenstein * E Waller * Izaak Walton * Bishop Warburton * Miss AL Waring * Rev Dr EA Washburn * I Watts * Weiszel * L van Welthem * C & J Wesley * S Wesley * Frederick West * FG Wetzel * Ella Wheeler * HK White * Rev JB White * Rev G Whitefield * Rev T Whitehead * Mrs ADT Whitney * JG Whittier * J Wickliffe * HM Williams * W Williams * NP Willis * Rev RA Willmott * Prof J Wilson * Miss C Winkworth * G Wither * Rev Dr Wordsworth * W Wordsworth * Sir H Wotton * Wreck of "Golden Mary" * Wulffer * A Young * E Young * Zehn * Count Zinzendorf * Zwingli

Facing forward : poems of courage.
Bachelor, Joseph M. (Joseph Morris), 1889-1947, comp.
New York : G. Sully & Co., 1925.
xii, 233 p. ; 21 cm.
NOTES: Contains poems by many different authors like, Rudyard Kipling, Walt Whitman, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, William Wordsworth, and many many others. There is an index by authors and a brief biography of each.
Ella's contributions: Ambition's Trail, An Inspiration, If I Were a Man, a Young Man, Resolve, The Winds of Fate.

Favorite American Poems.
Edited by Paul Negri
Ella's contributions: Solitude, Winds of Fate.

Famous poems of the 19th century.
Editor: Kate A. Wright.
New York: Dodge Publishing, 1927.
Includes authors like: William Wordsworth, George MacDonald, H.W. Longfellow, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and more.

The favorite cook book.
With an introduction by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Fourteen full-page illustrations.
New York: J.S.Ogilvie, 1891.
320 p. illus.

The Ferro.
Cleveland, OH: The Ferro Machine & Foundry Co., 1909.
Last page is a poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox: "My Trim Little Launch and I."

Frank Merriwell's steadying hand, or, The test of manhood.
Standish, Burt L., 1866-1945.
New York : Street & Smith, 1908
31 p. ; 28 cm.
SERIES: Tip top weekly ; no. 638
NOTES: Caption title. Frank Merriwell's steadying hand / by Burt L. Standish -- A boy's adventure with tramps / by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Frank Merriwell's steadying hand, or, The test of manhood.
Standish, Burt L., 1866-1945.
New York : Street & Smith, 1908.
31 p. ; 28 cm.
SERIES: Tip top weekly ; no. 638
NOTES: Caption title. Frank Merriwell's steadying hand / by Burt L. Standish -- A boy's adventure with tramps / by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Microfilm. Minneapolis, Minn. : University of Minn. Libs., 1985. 6th title of 10 ; 32 mm. Low reduction.
Full text of this story is available.

Friendly Words and Golden Thoughts.
Anniversary Edition
J.G. Ferguson Publishing Company, [n.d.]
Includes contribution by: Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Golden Moments.
Collected by Everett T. Brown
Chicago: The Acmegraph Company, 1913.
Writings by Longfellow, Robert Browning, Bacon, Emerson, Lady John Scott, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, P.B. Shelley, & Helen Hunt Jackson, among others.

Golden Nuggets Of Thought.
Marler, Ezra L.
Three volumes.
Salt Lake City, UT: Bookcraft,  1955-58.
Designed to sell to members of the L.D.S. Religion.
Works by such authors as Ella Wheeler Wilcox..Henry W. Longfellow..Alfred Tennyson..Emily Dickinson...many others

Golden Poems.
Circa 1900s.
Notes: There are the neatest poems written by all the notable Poets of the World. Teddy Roosevelt, Gladstone, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Beecher, Waterman, Stanton and so many more. The book is held together with a blue ribbon at the spine, original to the book. It comes in the original box and tissue covering. It measures 5 x 8 inches. It is
unpaginated. Approximately 38 pages. The only illustration is the little oval paste on. There is a place in the front for the owners name and date, it has never been filled in. The date is printed 191_, the last number to be filled in.

The Good Cheer Book.
Selected and arranged by Blanche E. Herbert.
Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, c1919.
Contibutors include: Mark Twain ... Ella Wheeler Wilcox ... James Whitcomb Riley ... Theodore Roosevelt ... John Ruskin ... John Grey Syme ... Tennyson ... Thoreau ... Wordsworth ... Cowper ... Emerson ... Field ... Edgar Gues ... Victor Hugo ... Helen Kipling ... Kipling ... Abraham Lincoln.

The Good Housekeeping Treasury: 75 Years of Its Best Stories, Articles and Poetry.
Edited by Donald Elder,
Contents include: Two Voices, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Granite Bay. A souvenir of Short Beach.
New Haven: The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor press, 1908?
[10] p. illus. 16 x 18 1/2 cm.

Great men and famous women; a series of pen and pencil sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in history.
Horne, Charles F. (Charles Francis), editor.
New York: S. Hess, 1894.
4 v. fronts., illus., plates, ports. 31 x 24 cm.
NOTES: Published in 68 parts. I. Soldiers and sailors.--II. Statesmen and sages.--III. Workmen and heroes.--IV. Artists and authors.
Contents: v. 3 "Workmen and Heroes": Photogravures include (but not limited to) The Berlin Conference, Mozart Signing His Requiem, Columbus Before Isabella, Marie Antoinette (depicted awaiting certain death, locked in the Tower of London), others. Contributors include: Ella Wheeler Wilcox (writing about Joan of Arc), Margaret Oliphant (regarding
Victor Hugo). Full-page illustrations include: "A Concert at Richelieu's Palace," "Shakespeare Arrested for Deer
Stealing," "Watt Discovering the Condensation of Steam," "A Puritan Christmas," "The Death of Archimedes," "Goethe
and Frederike," others.

Great thoughts for each day's life.
by Frank Holme-Sumner, Editor.
4th Edition
London : Gay & Hancock, 1910.

The greater revelation : messages from the unseen world received through automatic writing in various languages, includlng Chinese and Japanese, in the chirography and with verified signatures of those sending the messages.
Von Klenner, Katharine Evans baroness.
New York : Siebel Publishing Corporation, 1925.
ix, 259 p. : facsims. ; 21 cm.
Note: "This unusual book written during the great revival of Spiritualism during the 1920's seeks to prove the actual existence of life after death by "spirit writing" by famous painters,writers,musicians,poets,etc.Some of these well known persons were Gustave Dore,Chopin,Jules Verne, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Richard Harding Davis,Edgar Allan Poe,William Cullen Bryant,Richard Wagner,Joseph Jefferson,Junius Brutus Booth,Charlotte Corday,Brigham Young,Henry Longfellow,etc.

Gus Williams' Fireside Recitations. Being a Choice Collection of Instructive, Emotional, and Humorous Pieces, in Prose and Poetry, Especially Adapted for Reading and Speaking by the Members of Refined, Select Home Circles.
De Witt, 1881.
192 p.
Will Carleton, Tennyson, Theodore Parker, Joaquin Miller, Hans Christian Anderson, Charles Kingsley, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ella Wheeler, Bret Harte, plus many anonymous selections.

The harp.
Chicago: 19--
[7] p. inclu. port. 17 cm.

The harp.
[8] p.  ports. 18 cm.
NOTES: A poem and a letter from E.W. Wilcox about the Harp. Advertisement for the Lyon and Healy Harp.
Full Image available by clicking here.

Heart throbs : in prose and verse dear to the American people and by them contributed in the $10,000 prize contest initiated by the National magazine, 1904-1905.
Chapple, Joseph Mitchell
New York : Chapple Pub. Co., 1905.
[12], 416, [48] p. ; 20 cm.
Full quote available.

The heart's story.
[United States,   s.n., 1920-1929?
Broadside. 19 x 5 cm.
NOTES: Printed on gray satin ribbon. Printed under title "Faith" in Her Collected Poems. London [1924]
ALT TITLE: I will not doubt, though all my ships at sea

Her first divorce case a one act comedy playlet.
Archive/Manuscript Control
15 p.
SERIES: Copyright deposits, 1901-1944 ; reel no. 31. NOTES: "Owned by Mattie Keene." Microfilm. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1975. Part of 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (Copyright deposits 1901-1944 ; reel no. 31)

His fleeting ideal : a romance of baffled hypnotism.
New York : J.S. Ogilvie, Publisher, 1890.
187 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
Sunset series ; no. 236
NOTES:  At head of title on cover: The great composite novel.

His fleeting ideal : A romance of baffled hypnotism.
J.S. Ogilvie, Publisher, 1890
187 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.
Red cover series ; no. 87
NOTES:  At head of title: The great composite novel.
OTHER:   Barnum, P. T. (Phineas Taylor), 1810-1891 His fleeting ideal. Sullivan, John L. (John Langdon), 1777-1865. His fleeting ideal. Nye, Bill, 1850-1896. His fleeting ideal. Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1855-1919. His fleeting ideal. Calhoun, Alfred C. His fleeting ideal. Hall, Pauline. His fleeting ideal. Ballou, William Hosea, 1857-1937. His fleeting ideal. Nelson, Nell. His fleeting ideal. Dale, Alan. His fleeting ideal. The great composite novel.

The horse.
Albany? N.Y. : American Red Star Animal Relief, 1916.
1 sheet ; 16 x 16 cm.
NOTES: "Dedicated to the American Red Star Animal Relief, Albany, N.Y."

How to study strangers by temperament, face and head. A sequel to "Heads and faces".
Sizer, Nelson.
New York, Fowler & Wells co.;1895.
367 p. illus. 25 cm.
Notes: Profusely illustrated with photos, engravings and diagrams. Very interesting book which focuses and exemplifies its subject matter by using famous personalities such as Abe Lincoln, Aaron Burr, Red Cloud(native american), authors Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Lucy Stone-Blackwell,Andrew Jackson, John Audobon, inventors Elias Howe and Samuel Morse, and many more.

I have called you friends; extolling the worth of friendship.
Sutton, Adah Louise, b. 1865, comp.
Akron, OH., Chicago [etc.]: Saalfield Pub. Co., 1913.
64 p.
Notes: include: Thoreau, Leigh Hunt, Schiller, Hare, William Blake, Ruskin, Wallace Bruce, Theocritus, Sara K. Bolton, E. E. Hale, Bulwer-Lytton, Lucy Larcom, Owen Meredith, John Todhunter, F. Quarles, Wycherly, Alice Cary, Henry Churchill King, Marietta Holley, Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, Julia C.R. Dorr, Sara H. McKown, Diogenes Laertius, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Dickerson, Ghozali, Richard Henry Stoddard, Froude, Ovid, Secker, Richard Watson Gilder, Emerson, Lowell, Edward Young, Francis Bourdillon, Bryant A. Wooster, Hazlitt, Lucy Larcom, Richard Hovey, Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, Proverbs, Maurice Maeterlinck, Henry Drummond, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Gay, Sir Walter Scott, Rose Terry Cooke, Stevenson, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Canon Farrar, W.C. Gannett, Addison, Mary Riley Smith, Wycherly, Rabbi Hillel, Jean Ingelow, T.T. Munger, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ali Ben Abu Taheb, Harriet Prescott Spofford, Christina G.
Rossetti, Thomas Carlyle, Arthur O'Shaughnessy, Jeremy Taylor, Alfred Tennyson, William Shakespeare, John Boyle O'Reilly, Sophie Jewett, Lord Lyttleton, Henry Van Dyke, Cicero, Charles Dickens, Phoebe Cary, Robert Buchanan plus more and multiples of some.

I Thank Thee : a little book of prayers.
London: W.A. Wilde Company, 1910.
Selections authored by Wilcox, Tomkins, Markham, Ketchum,

Ideals 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition.
Milwaukee, WI: Ideals Publishing Co., 1994.
Notes: "Poetry and Prose from favorites like: Edgar Guest, Grace Noll Crowell, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and more."

Ideals scrap book.
Van B. Hooper, editor.
Milwaukee, WI: Ideals Publishing Co., c 1961.
Poems, stories and quips by authors such as Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edgar A. Guest, Carl Schurz, James Russell Lowell, P.F. Freeman, Patience Strong, Lydia Marie Child, Edgar Daniel Kramer, Jessy Mae Coker, W. Liivingston Larned, Lucille Coleman, Nat Campbell, Russell H. Conwell, plus many, many others!

Ideals Treasury of Faith and Inspiration.
Dennis Frates (Illustrator), Julie K. Hogan (Editor)
Ideals Publications Incorporated, February 1, 2003.
160 p.

In memorium, Elbert and Alice Hubbard : [a scrapbook].
[Compiled by] Ernest E. Simmons, Ernest E.
[East Aurora, N.Y. : s.n., 1915.
Notes: It has a collection of tributes to the Hubbards and the Roycrofters, collected and arranged by John T. Hoyle. It has 358 pages, set in Monotype 78J, printed in two colors (red black) on machine made paper, deckel edged, with the Roycroft watermark. An amazing collection of authors, including: J. Ogden Armour; Beorge Beebe; George Bicknell; Carrie Jacobs Bond; Hugh Chalmers; Samuel Pomeroy Colt; Captain Jack Crawford; Max Ehrmann; Louis Eytinge; Eugene H. Grubb; Harry Morse; Charles Mackintosh; Richard Le Gallienne; Robert INgersoll; T. Alburtis Putnam; A.S> Rowan; Marilla Ricker (the first woman to vote); Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Booker T. Washington; and many others.

In the animal world.
by Emma Serl; illustrated by Harry E. Wood.
Boston, Silver Burdett [1913].

Independent Order of Good Templars : objections replied to.
Manchester, N.H. : Roswell H. Hassam, [1859-1900?]
 [4] p. ; 14 x 8 cm.
NOTES: Poem on first 3 pages, Platform of Principles (Adopted at R. W. G. Lodge Session of 1859) and list of Hassam's Good Templar Publications on last page.

Inspiration Book.
Compiled by Mary K. Wallace.
Galesburg, IL: Cadmus Press, c1910.
Illustrations by Adelaide Mickel.
Notes:  includes great poetry from Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Emmerson, John Ruskin, excerpts from George Eliot's books, writings by Teddy Roosevelt.
It is the second edition.
It measures 9 x 5.5 inches. There are approximately 80+ un-numbered pages.

The International Orator.
Complied by John Wesley Hanson, Jr.
Chicago: W. B. Conkey, c1898.
Notes: A Dream Of Fair Women; A Most Obliging Little Sister, by Bret Harte; Her Letter, by Bret Harte; John Burns of Gettysburg, by Bret Harte; A Little Boy’s Troubles, by Carlotta Perry; A Legend of Brittany, by Ernest Renan; Auntie Doleful’s Visit, by Mary Kyle Dallas; Bay Billy, by Frank H. Gassaway; Buck Fanshaw’s Funeral, by Mark Twain; Curing a Cold, by Mark Twain; The Interviewer, by Mark Twain; Tom Sawyer Whitewashing the Fence, by Mark Twain; Crown Him with Crowns, by Mathew Bridges; Death of Little Joe, by Charles Dickens; Dinah’s Sermon in Adam Bede, by George Eliot; Evolution of the Encyclopaedia, by Eugene Field; Wynken, Blynken and Nod, by Eugene Field; Her ‘n Me, by Emma B. Sheppard; Hiawatha’s Photographing, by Lewis Carroll; Helen’s Babies on Noah’s Ark, by Charles Kingsley; King Robert of Sicily, by Henry W. Longfellow; Lochinvar, by Sir Walter Scott; Mother and Poet, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Maud Muller, by John G. Whittier; The Bells, by Edgar Allan Poe; The Beautiful Land of Nod, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox; The Days of Childhood, by Washington Irving; The Eternal Years, by Frederick William Faber; Widow Machree, by Samuel Lover; Plus much more.

The International Speaker.
Chicago: W.B. Conkey, 1897.
463 p.; 5 3/4" x 8"
Includes: "A Sign Board" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
It Can Be Done: Poems of Inspiration.
collected by Joseph Morris and St. Clair Adams
New York: George Sully & Co.: 1925.
252 p. 4 1/4" x 7".
"It includes poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Grantland Rice, William Judson Kibby, Miriam Teichner, Ellen M.H. Gates, Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sir Henry Wotton, Charles Mackay, Joaquin Miller,  Berton Braley, William Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Alfred Tennyson, James Whitcomb Riley, Frank L. Stanton, John Green leaf Whittier, Robert Brouwning, Rudyard Kipling, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and many more poets, and their inspirational poems. Its purpose is to bring men courage and resolution, to cheer them, to fire them with new confidence when they grow despirited, to strenghten their faith that "THINGS CAN BE DONE." It is a collection from 95 different poets, including several anonymous, with an alphabetical index in the back with short biographies. It includes full page photos of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Everard Jack Appleton, Berton Braley, Frank L. Stanton, Walt Mason, Edmund Vance Cooke, Sam Walter Foss, Samuel Ellsworth Kiser, James William Foley, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, James Whitcomb Riley, Grantland Rice, John Kendrick Bangs, Robert William Service, and Rudyard Kipling."

King Albert's book : a tribute to the Belgian king and people from representative men and women throughout the world.
Howells, William Dean.
New York: Hearst's International Library Co., 1914.
187 p., [26] leaves of plates : ill. (some col.), ports., facsims.; 29 cm.
Full text of Ella's contribution available.

Kipling's "Gunda-Din" up to date. Ford a la France. [also] Soldiers come back clean.
[n.p.]: Rodeheaver & Taylor. A.E.F., Y.M.C.A., 1917.
[4] p. 21 cm.

The Knights Templar History
C. G. Addison
637 p.
Worthy of the Name "Sir Knight" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

"A letter of G.H. Hardy."
Mathematics Magazine, Dec90, Vol. 63 Issue 5, p312, 2p, 2bw
Abstract: Presents a letter from G.H. Hardy to George Polya, undated but probably written in the late 1920's or early 1930's, challenging Polya's wife, Stella, to identify an American poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Hardy's unusual evaluation of poets; Papers found in the Archives of Stanford University.
ISSN: 0025-570X

Life & Action.
Indo-American Society, 1911-12.
v. 1 includes "Beyond" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Life & destiny.
Denis, Léon, 1846-1927.
New York: Doran, 1918.
315 p.
OTHER: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, Mrs., 1855-1919, tr.

Life and destiny by Leon Denis
translated into English by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
New York, G.H.Doran, 1919.
xii, 315 p. 21 cm.

The little book of friendship.
Compiled, Edited, and with an introduction by Wallace and Frances Rice.
Chicago, The Reilly & Britton Co. [c1910]
62 p. 1 l. col. front. 18 cm.
Notes: Acknowledgments include Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Authors include: John Quincy Adams Joseph Addison Francis Lord Verulam Bacon Charles G. Blanden Robert Browning Cicero Samuel Taylor Coleridge Ecclesiasticus Joeur de Montaigne Thomas Moore Gay Theodosia Garrison Oliver Wendell Holmes Helen Hunt Jackson Samuel Johnson Ben Jonson Ben King Charles Lamb Walter Savan Landor Gaillard Thomas Lapsley James Russell Lowell Gerald Massey Ernest McGaffey Michel Sieur de Montaigne Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton Thomas Penrose Catherine Philips Alexander Pope Wallace Rice James Whitcomb Riley Ruth Charles T. Sempers William Shakespeare Percy Bysshe Shelley Robert Louis Stevenson William B Terrett Henry Vaughan Francis Lord Bacon Verulam Daniel Webster Ella Wheeler Wilcox William Wordsworth Edward Young and more

Little known limericks of Ella Wheeler Wilcox : ... lecture delivered to the Society of the Fifth Line, May 13, 1960.
Chicago : Union League Club, 1960.
[16] p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
SERIES: Norman Douglas memorial lecture ; 4
NOTES: On cover: EWW.

Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Teachers.
Hubbard, Elbert
East Aurora, NY: Roycrofters, 1908.
Inside the book is a page that serves as an INVITATION to the ANNUAL PHILISTINE CONVENTION to be held at EAST AURORA, JULY 1-10, 1908. Among those who have promised to attend are the following speakers and artists: Minnie Maddern Fiske*~*Ella Wheeler Wilcox*~*Maurice Maeterlinck*~*Rev. Dr. I.K. Funk*~*Rabbi Leonard Levy*~*Byron King*~*Leigh Mitchell Hodges*~*Swami Darhmapala*~*the page goes on to say “If by any accident any of these are not present they will miss a mighty good time. The Annual Dinner for Immortals occurs July Fourth.”

Little Verses and Big Names.
George H. Doran, 1915.
305 p.
WWI Benefit Books
Includes: Franklin Adams, Isabel Anderson,Woodrow Wilson, Owen Wister, Jame Whitcomb Riley, Joyce Kilmer, Booker T. Washington, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, etc.

Manual of Patriotic Instruction and Program Helps for Special Days.
Ray D. Hodgell, compiler.
Kansas State Printing Plant, 1935.
287 p.
5 7/8" x 9" x 1/2"
Includes: "New Year’s Resolve" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

May flowers and mistletoe; selections of poetry and prose for all seasons. For older boys and girls, from the best writers of the day, with dialogues, motion songs and drill exercises for smaller children ...
by E.E. Fowler
Chicago:  H.J. Smith & Co., 1890.
This is a selection of poetry and prose for all seasons, for boys and girls from the best writers of the day, with dialogues, motion songs and drill exercises for smaller children. Some of the writers are Agnes MacDonnell, Ella Wheeler, Chas. Dickens, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia E. Barr, E. J. Wheeler, Mary A Black, Oliver Wendell Holmes, H.W. Longfellow and many others.

The Melody of Earth : An anthology of Garden & Nature.
Selected & arranged by Mrs.Waldo Richards.
Houghton Miflin,1918.
301 p.
Includes: Padraic Colum,Robert Frost,John Masefield,Violet Fane,Harry Kemp,John Gould Fletcher,George Cabot Lodge,Bliss Carmen,Conrad Aiken,Ruth Guthrie Harding,Amy Lowell,Richard Le Gallienne,Alfred Noyes,John Russell Hayes,Hannah Parker Kimball,Edna St.Vincent Millay,Sara Teasdale,James Stephens,Amelia Josephine Burr,Hermann Hagedorn,Edwin Markham,James B.Kenyon,Ella Wheeler Wilcox,Charles Ross,Irene Rutherford McLeod,Fannie Stearns Davis,Henry A.Wise Wood,Siegfried Sassoon,Gertrude Hall,Vachel Lindsay,Louis Untermeyer,Alice Meynell,Margaret Deland,Katharine Lee Bates,Agnes Lee,Edmond Gosse,George Sterling,Josephine Preston Peabody,John Hall Wheelock,Helen Hay Whitney,Edgar A.Guest,A.E.Housman,Joyce Kilmer,William Butler Yeats,Walter de la Mare,Arthur Upson,Richard Middleton,Edna St.Vincent Millay,Laurence Hope,Rabindranath Tagore,Pai Ta-Shun,Robert Underwood Johnson,Richard Burton,Dorothy Gurney,William Watson,Katharine Tynan,E.Nesbit,Rose Strong HubbellSarah Orne Jewett,Louise Imogen Guiney,Edwin Markham,Edgar Lee Masters,John Oxenham & others.

The Model Speaker
by Robert Graham
Chicago, Juvefile Pub Co., 1894.
"Containing the choicest ...selections of prose and poetry...dialogues, tableaux, charades, illustrated ballads and music..." Selections include Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Edgar A Poe, HW beecher, Ella Wilcox, Eugene Field, more.

The Model Speaker…the Brightest Literary Gems for Schools, Colleges, Societies, Public and Private Entertainments.
Chicago: W.B. Conkey Co., 1895.
7.5” by 9.5”
From such authors as Henry Ward Beecher, bulwer-Lytton, D.P. Roe, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edith M. Thomas, Helen Hunt Jackson, Geo. McDonald, H.W. Longfellow and others.

A morning prayer.
 [United States,  s.n., 1900-1919?]
 Broadside. illus. 23 x 6 cm.
 NOTES: Printed on white silk.
ALT TITLE: Let me to-day do something that shall take

The Mother.
"a sketch" performed by Mattie Keene.

Mrs. Lockwood's book of favorite recitations.
Kalamazoo, Michigan : Lockwood Publishing Co., 1922.
31, [1] p. : ill. ; 21 cm. (8vo)
NOTES: Wrapper title.
Socialist quotations and poetry, mostly by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Guy H. Lockwood married Hazel Lockwood in 1922. The Lockwood Art School (title appears on the back wrapper) appears under that name in city directories from 1910 to 1934.

"Need of Self-Denial and Mental Culture."
in How to be Happy! : Men and Women of Note Attempt to Solve the Problem of Ages.
New York: The Bok Syndicate Press, 1893.

The New Hawaiian Girl; a play.
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Illus. by John Prendergast.
London, Gay & Hancock, 1910
16 p. 22 cm.

The new Hawaiian girl; a play.
London: Gay & Hancock, ltd., 1910.
16 p. col. illus., front.

New Thought Birthday Book.
Compiled by Mary E. Salisbury
New York: Barse & Hopkins, c1911.
191 p.
Notes: Inside cover is a picture of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Selections by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and William Walker Atkinson. Also, selections from authors: Swett Marden, Ralph Waldo Trine and Sheldon Leavitt Each month gives the sign of the Zodiac, and each day gives a selection from one of the above authors.

Observations of a Musician.
Louis Lombard.
Utica, NY: 1893.
First Edition/Numbered Limited Edition.
114 p.
Preface by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Odd Songs & A Poem.
Performed by Cyril Ritchard. Accompanied by Stuart Ross at Piano.
Dolphin Records.
[the Versatile Comedian & theatre Actor & was the English Confidence Man on TV show Mr. Peepers, with Elaine Dunn]
Cyril Ritchard (33 1/3 RPM Record Album in Pictorial Sleeve )
Notes: "Ritchard does rendition of Poem, The Duet by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Lizzie Borden by Michael Brown, etc in Tongue-in-Cheek.

One hundred and one famous poems. [with a prose supplement]
Cook, Roy Jay, 1873- comp.
[Chicago : The Cable company, distributors] 1916.
2 p., l., 179 p. illus. (ports.) 22 cm.
NOTES: Emerson, Burroughs, Holmes, Longfellow, Kipling, Wordswothy, "Solitude" by Ella Wilcox, Edgar Allan Poe, Clement Moore, Sir Walter Scott, Mary Mapes Dodge. And many many more What makes this book so special is that every poem has a photograph of the Poet as well as their date of birth and death.

One hundred and one famous poems.
RJ Cook.
Revised Edition.
186 p.
Poems by a multitude of writers such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allen Poe, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Browning, Robert Frost, Edward R. Sill, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Mapes Dodge, and William Shakespeare

One hundred and one famous poems.
RJ Cook.
Third Edition.
186 p.
BW lithographs of each author.
Includes, Henry Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Pecy Shelley, Rudyard Kipling, George Byron, Mary Dodge, Alfred Noyes, John Whittier, Elizabeth Browning, Robert Frost, Robert Browning, John Burroughs, William Wordsworth, Sir Walter Scott, William Carruth, Lucy Larcom, William Shakespeare, Edwin Markham, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and many more.

100 great poems by women : a golden Ecco anthology.
Kizer, Carolyn.
Hopewell, N.J. : Ecco Press, 1995.
1st. ed.
xi, 184 p. ; p., 20 cm.
Notes: Includes "Delilah" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

1000 Quotable Poems, An Anthology of Modern Verse.
Compiled by Thomas Curtis Clark and Esther A. Gillespie
Willett, Clark & Company, 1937.
744 p.
Authors such as Longfellow, Matthew Arnold, the Brownings, Charlotte Bronte, William Cullen Bryant, John Bunyan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frances Frost, Goethe, Robert Ingersoll, Carl Sandburg, Sir Walter Scott, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson, Upton Sinclair, Sara Teasdale, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, John Greenleaf Whittier, William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman and hundreds of others.

One Upward Look Each Day : Poems of Hope and Faith.
Selected by J.T. Sunderland.
Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Register Publishing Company, 1893.
104 p.; 3 3/4" x 5 1/2"
Authors include: R.W. Emerson, Helen Hunt Jackson, Samuel Longfellow, J.R. Lowell, Margaret E. Sangster, R.C. Trench, and Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The Optimist's Good Morning.
Compiled by: Florence Hobart Perin
Authors: Lyman Abbott, John Albee, Marion Alden, Johanna Ambrosius, Charles G. Ames, Frederic Henri Amiel, Edwin Arnold, George Arnold, Aughey, Marcus Aurelius, Maltbie Davenport Babcock, Mary Baldwin, G.L. Banks, H.H. Bashford, Henry Ward Beecher, Fredrick Bisbee, Sarah Knowles Bolton, A.H.K. Boyd, Madeline Bridges, Stopford A. Brooke, Phillips Brooks, Alice Brown, Anna Robertson Brown, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, William Cullen Bryant, Benjamin R. Bulkeley, Richard Burton, J.H. Carlisle, Thomas Carlyle, Bliss Carman, Edward Carpenter, William H. Carruth, Alice Cary, John White Chadwick, Lydia Maria Child, James Freeman Clarke, Charles P. Cleaves, Florance E. Coates, Hartley Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Collyer, Confucius, Susan Coolidge, William Cowper, Francis Augustus Cox, Dinah Mulock Craig, Richard Crashaw, Abbie E. Danforth, Azora Stearns Davis, Aubrey DeVere, William F. Dix, Henry Nehemiah Dodge, Alfred L. Donaldson, Emma C. Dowd, Henry Drummond, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Mabel Earle, George Eliot, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Epictetus, W.H.P. Faunce, John Fiske, Mary Hanaford Ford, Sam Walter Foss, George Fox, Benjamin Franklin, William C. Gannett, Hamlin A. Garland, Richard Watson Gilder, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Goethe, Anna A. Gordon, Gotthold, John Gray, J.R. Green, Edwin Osgood Grover, Edward Everett Hale, Beatrice Harraden, Estelle M. Hart, Frances Ridley Havergal, Clarence Hawkes, John Hay, George F. Hoar, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Homer, Ellice Hopkins, Richard Hovey, Thomas Hughes, Alexander von Humboldt, Leigh Hunt, Bishop Huntington, Thomas Henry Huxley, William DeWitt Hyde, Henrik Ibsen, Jean Ingelow, J.S. Jackson, Henry Sr James, Samuel Johnson, T. Edgar Jones, Alphonse Karr, John Keats, Helen Keller, T. Starr King, Charles KIngsley, S.E. Kiser, George Klingle, Lucy Larcom, Priscilla Leonard, Mary A. Livermore, Henry W. Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, Martin Luther, Hamilton W. Mabie, George MacDonald, Maeterlinck, Marius, Edwin Markham, Mary Markwell, Theodore Martin, Caroline Atwater Mason, Gerald Massey, Owen Meredith, George S. Merriam, James Russell Miller, John Milton, Montaigne, William Moodie, Henry Hoyt Moore, Thomas Moore, Philip S. Moxom, Ada Foster Murray, John Boyle O'Reilly, Theodore Parker, William Ordway Partridge, Howard J. Payne, Francis G. Peabody, George L. Perin, Carlotta Perry, Nora Perry, Plutarch, Adelaide A. Procter, Bryan Waller Procter, James M. Pullman, Issac Ogden Rankin, James Ravenscroft, Richard Realf, Edward Reimer, Eben E. Rexford, Richter, James Whitcomb Riley, Frederick W. Robertson, Alice Wellington Rollins, Theodore Roosevelt, Christina Rosetti, John Ruskin, Bessie L. Russell, Margaret Sangster, Minot J. Savage, Schiller, Clinton Scollard, Walter Scott, Sara Andrew Shafer, Shakespeare, Shelley, George W. Shipman, Edward Rowland Sill, Samuel Smiles, Julian K. Smyth, Harriet Spofford, Spurgeon, Frank L. Stanton, Bernard St., Horatio Stebbins, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Robert Louis Stevenson, Richard H. Stoddard, William Wetmore Story, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Algernon Charles Swinburne, David Swing, John Addington Symonds, Bayard Taylor, Jeremy E. Taylor, Alfred Tennyson, Celia Thaxter, Tholuck, Maurice Thompson, Henry David Thoreau, Mary Ashley Townsend, Robertson Trowbridge, Clarence Urmy, Henry VanDyke, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Wagner, Nixon Waterman, Walt Whitman, Whitney, John Greenleaf Whittier, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Frances E. Willard, William Wordsworth, Mary Frances Wright.

Our Glorified.
Edited by Elizabeth Howard Foxcroft.
Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1889.
Notes: Poems about the death of friends, especially of children. It is a little surprising to find how many and how different writers have turned aside from their usual subjects to write laments, often quite intimate and personal, for dead children. R.H. Stoddard, Swinburne, Gerhardt, H.H.Jackson, Mrs. Browning, Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Preston, Geo. P. Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and James Whitcomb Riley,--these are some of the names.

Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad, Illustrated Sketches and Poems for Young People.
Chicago: W. B. Conkey Company, 1895.
Features: Hans Christian Andersen, John Vance Cheney, Henry Ward Beecher, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Alice Carey, Gen. Lew Wallace, Washington Irving, Joaquin Miller, E. E. Rexford, Hattie Tyng Friswold, and others.

An Outline of Theosophy.
Leadbeater, C.W.
CA Theosophical Pub 1916.
Notes: "has poem on pg 31 (The Diety) which appeared anon. but written by Ella W Wilcox."

Pearls From Many Seas.
Compiled by J. B. McClure.
Rhodes & McClure Publishing Company, 1900 c1898.
Notes: George Eliot, Eugene Field, C. H. Spurgeon, May Riley Smith, Robert Browning, Alfred Tennyson, Edith M. Thomas, Lord Byron, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Anna Katherine Green, Henry Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Richard E. Burton, John Moore, John Greenleaf Whittier, Emerson, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Madame Guyon, Susan Coolidge, Charles C. Albertson, Washington Irving, Sir Walter Scott, William Shakespeare, And Several Others

Pipe and Pouch : The Smoker's Own Book of Poetry.
Knight, Joseph
Boston: L.C. Page & Company, 1897.
182 pages.
Includes poems by Kipling, Charles Lamb, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Richard Le Gallienne, W.E. Henley, James Russell Lowell, Daniel Webster, Henry Fielding, Lord Byron, and many more.
Ella's contributions: The Duet, I like Cigars.

Poem written for the St. Elmo commandery no. 9, K.T.
Meriden, Conn: n.p. 1887?
[10] p. 18 x 19 x 19 cm.

Poem written for St. Elmo Commandery, no. 9, K.T., Meriden, Conn.
Meriden, Conn.? : s.n., 1887.
[9] leaves ; 17 x 18 cm.
NOTES: Book in shape of triangle, with binding edge at head, calendar fashion.

Poem written for St. Elmo Commandery, no. 9, K.T., Meriden, Conn.
Meriden, Conn.? : s.n., 1887.
[9] leaves ; 17 x 18 cm.
NOTES: Book in shape of triangle, with binding edge at head, calendar fashion.
In: American poetry, 1871-1900, in the Harris Collection, Brown University Library. Reel no. 00938. Item No. 10.
Reproduced for the Cooperative Preservation Microfilming Project, Research Libraries Group. Low reduction.
Microfilm. Andover, MA : Northeast Document Conservation Center, 1986. 1 microfilm reel (in part) ; 35 mm.

Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Texas Theatre, [n.d.]
Notes: a small playbill booklet of "Poems in Photoplay Form" to be shown
at the Texas Theatre.  Booklet contains six poems and their playdates (but not the year).

Poems of love and faith.
Kay Anne Carson, ed..
New York : Inspirational Press, 1993.
88 p. : col. ill. ; 21 cm.
SERIES: A little treasury of gold
ISBN: 0884860620
"A treasury of poems by Longfellow, Tennyson, Browning and others celebrate with a flash of recognition that hint of something just within our grasp, sometimes forgotten but always there, like a streak of gold buried within a rock. Each page is outlined with the border on the cover. Includes poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (A Morning Prayer),St. Francis' Prayer and many other inspirational poems.

Poems that touch the Heart.
Compiled by A. L. Alexander
[s.l., s.n.], 1942.
Contents include poems by: Charles Hanson Towne; Margaret Courtney; H. S. Fritsch; Benjamin Keech; A. L. Gruber; Strickland Gillilan; Margaret E. Bruner; Mary Eversley; M. P. Handy; Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Spencer Micheal Free; Charles Swain; Carrie May Nichols; W. C. Ackerly; Mary Carolyn Davies; Max Ehrmann; Andrew Gillies; Alfred Lord Tennyson; William L. Stidger; Sir Thomas N. Talfourd; Margaret E. Sangster; Carl Sandburg; Abram J. Ryan; Sarah Doudney; Thomas Curtis Clark; Nora Perry; Harry W. Falconer; Berton Braley; Edwin Carlile Litsey; Max Ehrmann; Mary Carolyn Davies; Madeline Bridges; Will Allen Dromgoole; Louise Edwin Thayer; Catherine Parmenter Newell; S. E. Kiser; James W. Foley; Janie Alford; Theodosia Garrison; William J. Dawson; John Kendrick Bangs; Carolyn Wells; Sara Teasdale; Elizabeth N. Hauer; Robert Browing; Elizabeth Akers Allen; George Klingle; Caorl Haynes; Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni; Grace Noll Crowell; Wilhelmina Stitch; H. W. Bliss; Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Louise Chandler Moulton; B. Y. Williams; E. M. Brainard; Lionel Johnson; Thomas Grant Springer; Ludwig Lewisohn; Herbert Kaufman; Clarence Urmy; Horatio Nelson Powers; Susan Marr Spalding; Joseph Parry; Nixon Waterman; Rollin J. Wells; Sidney Warren Mase; Edwin Markham; G. A> Studdert-Kennedy; Joshua Sylvester; Nellie Womack Hines; Lucile Hargrove Reynolds; Anne Campbell; Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman; Mazie V. Caruthers; Berton Braley; Edward Rowland Sill; Thomas Curtis Clark; A. C. Child; John Holmes; Wilfred Funk; Lena Lathrop; Louis Untermeyer; Daniel Whitehead Hicky; Helen Field Fischer; Grace Denio Litchfield; Herman Hagedorn; Robert Herrick; Phoebe Cary; Nick Kenny; many more.

Poems of the sun-lit heights
Towne, Elizabeth Jones, 1865- ed.
Holyoke, Mass., The Elizabeth Towne Co.; [etc., etc.], 1916.
122 p., 1 l. 10 x 8 cm.
Poems by Walt Whitman, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Robert Browning, Waldo Emerson, Robert Loveman, Alexander Pope, Theodore Lynch Fitz Simons, Sam Walter Foss, James Whitcomb Riley, John Burroughs and more. Verses by Goethe.

Poetry of youth selected from The book of poetry and annotated by Edwin Markham.
Markham, Edwin, 1852-1940
New York W.H. Wise & company 1935.
Notes: Includes "Laugh and the World Laughs with You" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Poetry's Plea for Animals.
Boston: Lothrop, 1927.
Collected and edited by Frances E. Clarke.
The first anthology of its kind, bringing together hundreds of English-language poems which both celebrate animals and call for their humane treatment. Notable authors include Walt Whitman, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Robert Burns, Joyce Kilmer, William Wordsworth, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Frost, etc.

The poets in the nursery.
Powell, Charles.
London : New York : J. Lane ; John Lane Co., 1920.
79, [1] p. ; 20 cm.
Parodies of twenty modern poets, pretended treatment of well known nursery rhymes. "Printed in Great Britain by Turnbull & Spears, Edinburgh"--T.p. verso. Bound in maroon cloth over boards; top edge trimmed.

The poet's prayer; and ideal thoughts by Longfellow [and others].
by Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892.
New York : [n.p., n.d.]
12 p. 15 cm.
NOTES: Verso pages blank and unnumbered.
OTHER AUTHORS: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1850-1919.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882.

The power of right thought : 24 inspiring essays of faith, hope, courage, and self- confidence.
Rev. ed.
Lexington, Ky. : Successful Achievement, 1971.
v, 121 p. ; 22 cm.
OTHER: Bremer, Sidney Newton, ed.

The power of right thought.
Lexington, Ky. : Successful Achievement, 1971.
1 sound cassette : 1 7/8 ips, mono. + 1 booklet (121 p. ; 22 cm.)
NOTES: Narrator, Gene McKay.

The price he paid.
drawings by Charles A. Winter.
NY: Central Branch Brooklyn Young Men's Christian Association, by Courtesy Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1913.
[4] p.; 5" x 7".
Full text of this poem is available.

The Prize For Boys and Girls.
London: Wells Gardner, Darton and Co., 1892.
Twelve copies of "The Prize" monthly magazine, for January to December 1892.
164. p.
Contributors include Annie M Barton, D B McKean, H G Adams and Ella Wheeler.

The progressive speaker; containing the best readings and recitations for all occasions from the most celebrated authors ... Programmes for special occasions, together with a treatise on elocution ... How to organize and conduct literary societies ... Embellished with more than 100 superb illustrations.
 [Philadelphia, PA: The National Publishing Co., 1897.
2 p. l., iii-xiii, 17-480 p. front., illus., plates, ports. 26 cm.
NOTES:Including,Marion Douglas, Mark Twain, Samuel W Small, Ella Wheeler.

[United States, s.n., 1900-1919?]
Broadside. illus. 17 x 6 cm.
NOTES: Printed on pink silk.
ALT TITLE: Uses of sorrow I comprehend

Rainbows, The Book of Hope.
Edited by George W. Humphreys
The Coslett Publishing Co., c1946.
212 p.
Inspiritional writings, by Tennyson, Ella Wheeler, Paul Laurence Dunbar; Walt Whitman, etc.

Readings and Recitations for Winter Evenings.
Compiled by B. J. Fernie.
Includes: "Land of Nod" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Rittenhouse's The Little Book Of American Poets
Poets include Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

'Round the Year With the Poets.
By Martha Capps-Oliver
Raphael Tuck & Sons Company, 1900.
A Compilation of Nature Poems
Featuring: Mrs. Browning; Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Walt Whitman; Ralph Waldo Emerson, etc.

The scout by Tyler, Charles Waller, 1841-
Nashville, Tenn. : The Cumberland Press, 1911.
348 p., [1] leaf of plates : port. ; 20 cm.
 NOTES: "Sam Davis [poem] by Ella Wheeler Wilcox": p. [3]-[4].

Silver linings: poems of hope and cheer.
Morris, Joseph, 1889-1947,  comp.; Adams, St. Clair,; 1883- ; joint comp.
New York: G. Sully & Company, 1927.
xiv p., 1 ., 231 p. p., 21 cm.
Includes poems by Richard Burton; Douglas Malloch; Margaret Sangster; Grantland Rice; Ella Wheeler Wilcox; Edgar S. Nye; John Keats; Henry van Dyke; Oliver Wendall Holmes; Rudyard Kipling; Robert Frost; George M. Cohan; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Emily Dickinson; William Henry Drummond; William Cullen Bryant and MANY, MANY others.
Notes: includes "Does it Pay?", "If", "Reward", and "Which are You?" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

SLADE'S Cooking School Recipes.
By Tenty-Five Cooking School Teachers.
Together with a Collection of Household and Health Hints.
Eighth Edition.
Boston, D.& L Slade Co. 1920.
"Every Girl ought to know that cookery is a fine art and the mastery of it as accomp lishment of which to be proud." Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
80pgs. 4 1/4" x 6 3/4"

Social Abominations, or The Follies of Modern Society.
Portrayed by Many Eminent Writers.
Introduction by Russell H Conwell. Elegantly Illustrated.
Sold by Subscription Only.
Harrisburg PA: RE Whitman & Co, 1892.
655 p.
Contents: Sabbath Desecration (Wilbur Crafts); Swearing & Cursing (Rev Chas Hall); Social Extravagance (BO Flowers); White Slaves of New York (working girls in factories/offices by BO Flower); Clandestine Marriages (T DeWitt Talmage); Pittfalls For Our Boys (JH Kellogg MD); Dangers to Our Girls (L Anna Ballard); Fashion's Slaves (BO Flower); Age of Swindlers (T DeWitt Tamlage); Hypnotysm In Relation To Crime (A Taylor Innes); Nurseries of Crime (lodging houses of NYby Thomas Byrnes); Divorce vs Domestic Warfare (Elizabeth Cady Stanton); Social Purity Frances E Willard); Early Influences (Irma A Jones); The Dance (TJ Leake); Deplorable Social Conditions (BO Flower); Broken Promise of Marriage (T DwWitt Talmage); Social Shams; Literature & Vice (Anna Garland Spencer); Christians & Opera (JO Peck); Decolete in Modern Life (Elizabeth Stuart Phelps); Opium Habit; Tobacco Evil (Lida B Ingalls); Society's Exiles (BO Flower); Whisperers (T DeWittTalmage); Christ & Fallen Women (Dwight L Moody); Bane of Laboring Man (TV Powderly); Woman's Profession Dishonored (Harper's Magazine); Modern Despair & Suicidal Manias (August Larned); Real Rights of Women (Rose Terry Cooke); Positive & Negative Morality (Rev Philip Brooks); Wickedness of Legalizing Liquor Traffic (Joseph Cook); Discourtesy to Women (Mrs. Frank Leslie); Froth & Dregs (BO Flower); Woman's Dress (Mrs. Frances E Russell); Working Woman of Today (Helen Campbell); Divorce (Carroll D Wright); Mistakes We Make With Men (Ella Wheeler Wilcox); Equal Rights of Women (George William Curtis); False Socialism (Very Rev Father JP Conway); Misuse of Wealth (Merrill E Gates); Gambling (IH Newman); Anti-Lottery Bills in Congress (Pres Harrison & Postmaster Gen Wanamaker); Dishonesty (FD Huntingdon); Social Follies (Chas Ledyard Norton); Theatre (George C Lorimer); Bible & Newspaper (Rev Charles H Spurgeon); Social Vice (Anthony Comstock).

Socialism for the average man : an appeal to common sense.
by William Stewart
2nd ed.
Glasgow, Reformers' Bookstall, Ltd., [1910-1919?]
14, [1] p. ; 21 cm.
Reformers' series ; no. 9
NOTES: Cover title. "Who is a socialist," poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, p. [15].

Society Verses.
With water colors by Mabel Humphrey.
Boston: DeWolfe Fiske & Co., [n.d.]
16 p. ; 6" x 8¼"
Verses include: "The Chaperon," Ella Wheeler Wilcox; "Pink Dominoes" by Kipling; "Love and Lace," Abel Homan; "Our Set" by May A. Waring; "My Rival" by Kipling; "My Lady's Chatelaine," Catherine Young Glen; "Once" by Mary Louise Ritter.

Some Much-Loved Poems,
Compiled by Grace G. Alyea.
Chicago Ill., 1929.
160 p.
Content: "How the Great Guest Came" by Edwin Markham, "Nigger Mighty Happy" by J. A. Macon, James Riley Whitcomb, Edgar A. Guest, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Burns, Joyce Kilmer, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Faith Baldwin, Eugene Field, and others.

A song circle of poems.
Selected by Alfred H. Miles.
London: G. Delgado, Ltd. [1915]
[32] p. 16 cm.
On cover: The Ella Wheeler Wilcox calendar.
Inscription on one copy dated 1925.

Songs of Horses : an Anthology.
Selected and Arranged by Robert Frothingham.
Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge, 1920.
First Edition.
4 1/4" x 6 1/2". 231 pages.
Some contents: The Pony Express, Arthur Chapman, The Ol'Cow Hawse, E.A. Brinninstool, The Kentucky Thoroughbred, James Whitcomb Riley, Pedigrees Em.Pierce, How The Horse Won The Bet, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and The Horse, Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Songs of liberty.
New Haven: Jour. of Amer. history, v.2 p. 578.

South Dakota Arbor and Bird Day Book : Suggestions and Material for Programs and Other Methods of Observing Arbor Day and Bird Day.
Compiled by Ruth Peterson.
Pierre, SD: Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Publishing Co., 1916.
The preface was written by C.H. Lugg, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Poetry is from Lucy Larcom; Henry Abbey, Henry Cuyler Bunner, Richard Watson Gilder, E.L. Ogden, William Wordsworth, Kate L. Brown, Johann Ludwig Uhland, Thomas Hood, Heine, Henry Van Dyke, Richard Hovey, Alexander Pope, Thomas Love Peacock, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Julia Wood, Henry D. Thoreau, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lowell, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, William Cullen Bryant, Ada Simpson Sherwood, Ernest Seton-Thompson, Robert Louis Stevenson, John G. Whittier, Sidney Lanier, Herbert Trench, William H. Hayne, Emilie Poulsson, Frances Kirkland, Lyman Bryson, Davis B. Johnson, Augustus Wight Bomberger, Irene Pomeroy Shields, Carolyn S. Bailey, Joyce Kilmer, Emerson, Caroline Hofman, Virginia Baker, R.H. Stoddard, Helen Lemming Jelliffe, Christina Rosetti, M.G. Kains, Mrs. Anna Bache, Oliver Herford, Mildred Howells, James Hogg, John Bennett, William Wesley Martin, etc,

The Speakers' Library, the latest and most popular literary gems for public and parlor entertainment.
Edited by Daphne Dale.
Chicago-Philadelphia: ELLIOTT & BEEZLEY, 1890.
Contents: Ella Wheeler Wilcox (THE WORLD, THE WALTZ-QUADRILLE), Oliver Wendell Holmes, J.W. Riley, Hezekiah Strong, J.T. Trowbridge, Paul Hamilton Hayne, Clement Scott, Julia C.R. Dorr, Bret Harte, Margaret Vandegrift, M.A.P. Stansbury, T.B. Macaulay, T.B. Aldrich, Fred Emerson Brooks, Horace B. Durant, Robt. Burdett, Alfred Tennyson, Cecil Francis Alexander, and many more.

[n.p.: sn., n.d.]
Broadside. 17 x 10 cm.
NOTES: At end of text: Ella Wheeler Wilcox in "Woman's Home Companion."
ALT TITLE: Talk happiness. The world is sad enough

Stories for children.
Farmington, Me. : D.H. Knowlton, 1900.
32 p. ; 18 cm.
SERIES: Our little people library ; no. 24
NOTES: A dinner at the White House / Adapted from "Wide awake" -- Jack Frost's little sister / Youth's companion -- The silver shilling / From Andersen's Fairy tales -- Santa Claus and the little helper / Lend a hand -- Nansen's Christmas / From "Story of Nansen" -- In search of No-work land / Frances A. Humphrey -- A Christmas carol -- The young philosopher / Our little ones -- Three boys -- The coming man / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- A jingle / St. Nicholas.

Stories of Hell's Commerce of the Liquor Traffic in its True Light.
Compiled and Edited by Elton R. Shaw.
First Edition.
Grand Rapids, MI: Shaw Publishing, 1909.
544 p.
"A Compilation of Interesting Stories, TRUE INCIDENTS, STIKING ILLUSTRATIONS, POINTED PARAGRAPHS, POETRY and SONG, PORTRAYING the EVILS of the RUM CURSE as related by John G. Wooley, John P. St.John, Eli Perkins, Chas.M.Sheldon, D.L.Moody, Chauncey Depew, R.A.Torrey, Sam Jones, Henry Ward Beecher, John B.Gough, Theo.L.Cuyler, Ada Melville Shaw, T.DeWitt Talmage, L.A.Banks, Gen.Fred Grant, Gen.Sheridan, Frank Beard, Rudyard Kipling, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Wendall Phillips, and many others.

The Sunny Side Of The Sickroom.
Joseph Taylor Britan.
Grand Rapids,Michigan : Zondervan Publishing House, 1960.
Chaplain-The Presbyterian Hospital In Philadelphia-With Introduction by Lewis Seymour Mudge-Bound in Red Pebbled Cloth with Gilt Lettering,Yellow and Brown Dust Jacket-With The Authors Own Copy with Signature and Address on front endpaper-A Great Volume of Meditations,Interpretations Of The Scripture For The Sickroom-contents include The Origin Of Pain,Pain Among The Perfect,Suffering For Well-Doing,Fiery Trial And Future Triumph,The Great Physician,The Master And Medicine,When The Physician Refuses To Heal,The Reserves Of The Soul,A Prayer Before An Operation,etc. also poems including The Design Of Suffering by Upham,Hope by Robert Browning,Regenerating Remedies,Victory,Unanswered Prayers by Ella Wheeler Wilcox,The Eternal Goodness by John Greenleaf Whittier,and more-Very Good Condition-Also included are Two Pages Of Handwritten Notes Used By The Pastor on the Life and Character of The Author,Used At His Funeral In Lansdowne,Pennsylvania in 1953.

Davis, Ruth Helen.
The supreme victory and Yesterday and to- day : two plays.
London : Gay and Hancock, 1920.
viii, 150 p. ; 20 cm.
OTHER: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1855-1919, joint author. Yesterday and to-day.

Sweethearts ever.
New York, Cupples & Leon Co., 1907.
[16] p. col.illus. 17 1/2 cm.
"Contains poems by George Barlow, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Thomas Haynes Bayly, and Elizabeth Akers Allen."

The Sylvan Cabin.
by Edward Smyth Jones
San Francisco, 1915.
With blurbs by Meredith Nicholson, Ella Wheeler Wilcox et al.

Taylor's popular recitations containing gems of James Whitcomb Riley, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Eugene Field [and others] ...
Taylor, Herbert H., ed.
[Baltimore, Md., : I. & M. Ottenheimer, 1903.
1 p. l., v-vi, 7-129 p. 19 cm.

Taylor's popular recitations, containing gems of James Whitcomb Riley, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Eugene Field, etc.
New York : J. S. Ogilvie, 1903.
129 p. 19 cm.

The things that matter : an anthology of women's spiritual poetry.
Edited and Introduced by Julia Neuberger
270 p. 5.75" x 8.5"
"Many well-known poets are represented here, among them Browning, the Bronte sisters, Dickenson, Rossetti, H.D., Bishop, and Stevie Smith, and there are some wonderful descoveries: Alice Meynell, Adelaide Crapsey, and Ella Wheeler Wilcox."

36 Great American Poems.
H.A.V.E., Inc., [2000]
This spoken-language CD contains a selection of American poetry, from the 1660s to the 1970s. The readers are Jim Cooke, a professional actor, and Patricia Busacker, a broadcaster. Jim reads the male poets, Patricia the female.
Each poet is introduced by myself with a very brief biographical note.
Sole distributor of the CD is  H.A.V.E., Inc. at 1-800-997-2972.
"18.  Ella Wheeler Wilcox "Solitude" 1:49

Thomas Buchanan Read.
by Stoddard, Richard Henry, 1825-1903.
Lippincotts, 1891.
p. 231-241. 24 cm.
SUBJECT: Read, Thomas Buchanan, -- 1822-1872.
OTHER AUTHORS: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1850-1919. "Has been" Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913. The mountain mirage. Egan, Maurice Francis, 1852-1924. The example of Portia.

The title seekers or, The beauty trust.
by Bond, Rollin W.
Archive/Manuscript Control
60 p.
SERIES: Copyright deposits, 1901-1944 ; reel no. 100.
NOTES: Microfilm. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1976. Part of 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (Copyright deposits 1901-1944 ; reel no. 100)
OTHER: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Brown, Charles H.

Today Then : America's Best Minds Look 100 Years into the Future on the Occasion of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.
Dave Walter, compiler.
Index. 232 pages, 6" x 9", softbound.
Fascinating essays published in the 1890s, predicting what life would be like in the 1990s. So right and sometimes so wrong! American celebrities in different fields wrote the original predictions; compiler Walter supplies biographies and photographs or drawings of those authors. The essays tell much about America in the 1890s because of what the authors saw as problems: servants, giving women the vote, wars, royalty, transportation (including dirigibles and the new motor
car), entertainment, truly American art, and more.
The essayists:
Elizabeth Akers Allen, Samuel Barton, J. H. Beadle, Annie Besant, Matthew C.D. Borden, Henry V. Boynton, Charles Augustus Briggs, Sidney G. Brock, Junius Henri Browne, William Jennings Bryan, John J. Carty, Edwin Checkley, Octavus Cohen, Moncure D. Conway, Shelby M. Cullom, Nym Crinkle, William Eleroy Curtis, Richard Harding Davis, Van Buren Denslow, Chauncey M. Depew, Abram Dittenhoefer, Thomas Dixon, Jr., J.P. Dolliver, Ignatius Donnelly, E.J. Edwards, Kate Field, Charles Foster, Henry George, W.R. Grace, Andrew H. Green, David H. Greer, John Habberton, Elijah W. Halford, Michael D. Harter, Joseph Howard, Jr., Edgar W. Howe, John J. Ingalls, Thomas L. James, Rafael Joseffy, George F. Kunz, Mary E. Lease, Miriam Leslie, Richard Mansfield, Asa C. Matthews, John McGovern, William H. H. Miller, Joaquin Miller, Warner Miller, Thomas J. Morgan, John Phillip Newman, John W. Noble, Bill Nye,
Felix L. Oswald, A.M. Palmer, W.A. Peffer, T.V. Powderly, M. Quad, John Clark Ridpath, Jeremiah M. Rusk, Alfred Van Santvoord, Albert D. Shaw, James William Sullivan, David Swing, John Swinton, Thomas De Witt Talmage, George Alfred Townsend, Daniel W. Voorhees, John Wanamaker, Hempstead Washburne, H. Walter Webb, Walter Wellman, George Westinghouse, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Erastus Wiman.
Full text of this chapter is available.

Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940.
Trampers on the trail [microform] / by Hamlin Garland.
[S.l. : s.n., 1898?]
p. [515]-522 : ill.
Series: CIHM/ICMH microfiche series ; no. 15014.
Note: Caption title. In double columns.
Includes a poem: Columbia's motto by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Reproduction of original in: Library Division, Provincial Archives of British Columbia. Pre-1900 Canadiana.
 Reproduction Microfiche. Ottawa : Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, 1981. 1 microfiche (8 fr.) ; 11 x 15 cm. (CIHM/ICMH Microfiche series = CIHM/ICMH collection de microfiches ; no. 15014).
 LC NO.PS1732 .T72 1898
 ISBN 0665150148

A Treasury of the familiar.
New York : The Macmillan, 1945 c1942.
x, [2], 751 p. ; 25 cm.
NOTES: Includes indexes. Poetry and prose. Reprint. Originally published: 1942. On t.p. verso: Copyright, 1942, by Ralph L. Woods. "This wonderful book begins with 'The way of the world' by Ella Wheeler Wilcox"

True thoughts.
San Francisco : [s.n.], 1899.
[23] p. ; 23 cm.
NOTES:  Chiefly poetry. Cover title, illustrated in colors. Statement of responsibility from p. [1]. Includes selections by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Helen Van Anderson, John Burroughs, James G. Clark, and others. Blue typeface.

True thoughts.
San Francisco : [s.n.], 1899.
[23] p. ; 23 cm.
NOTES: Chiefly poetry. Cover title, illustrated in colors. Statement of responsibility from p. [1]. Includes selections by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Helen Van Anderson, John Burroughs, James G. Clark, and others. Blue typeface.
In: American poetry, 1871-1900, in the Harris Collection, Brown University Library. Reel no. 511. Item no. 5. Reproduced for the Cooperative Preservation Microfilming Project, Research Libraries Group. Low reduction. Microfilm. Andover, MA : Northeast Document Conservation Center, 1986. 1 microfilm reel (in part) ; 35 mm.

T R U T H : Devoted to Questions--Political, Social Economic and Religious.
PUBLISHED MONTHLY By Truth Publishing Co., Salt Lake City, Utah.
The text of Ella's contributions to this periodical are available.

20th Century Formulary of songs and form in the interest of Free Thought and Progress.
Bowman, W.C.
Los Angeles: Privately published, 1907.
Flexible cloth. 155 pp.
First edition.
Notes: "'for the use of Spiritualist and other Liberal Societies in their Public Meetings and their Homes.'  Includes work by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edwin Markham, Gerald Massey, Charles Mackay, etc."

The Twentieth Century Speaker.
Lumm, Emma Griffith
Premier Publishing Company, 1898.
1 page Speech by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Twenty-four novelettes : complete in this number : illustrated.
Augusta, Maine : John F. Hill & Co., 1896
64 p. : ill ; 28 cm.
SERIES: Happy hours library ; no. 56
NOTES: Printed in two columns. Gold and glitter / by James Franklin Fitts -- Tested / by Ellis Peyton -- Darnley's quest / by T.C. Harbaugh -- Amy's lover / by Florence Marryat -- Hugh Bickester's wife / by Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- Princess Bab / by Frances Hodgson Burnett -- Uncle Lot / by Harriet Beecher Stowe -- Aunt Sue's panic / by James Payn -- Mr. Mifflin's theories / by Rebecca Harding Davis -- Our mutual enemy / by Jane G. Austin -- Romance of a ferry-boat / by Ethel L. Salmon -- Clarissa's choice / by "The Duchess" -- An old maid's marriage / by George B. Burgin -- A single woman / by Charles Reade -- Mary Harlow's choice / by Arthur L. Meserve -- Miss Tweed's ghost story / by Sarah Doudney -- A problem never solved / by Edgar Fawcett -- Tom Wycherley's best day / by Virginia F. Townsend -- Laura Belton's secret / by Helen Forrest Graves -- A colored scrap / by Annie Thomas -- Why they parted / by Mary Agnes Fleming -- A jealous wife / by Margaret Blount -- Guy Newton's revenge / by Mary Cecil Hay -- Jenny's girl / by F.W. Robinson.

The two glasses.
[n.p., 1900-1995]?
Broadside. 20 x 9 cm.
NOTES: At end of text: Anonymous.
ALT TITLE: There sat two glasses, filled to the brim

The value of cheerfulness. edited by Mary M. Barrows.
Boston: H. M. Caldwell, 1904.
194 p.
3 page introduction by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Quote: "Those enlightened Intelligences who watch over the struggling human race must hold in higher regard the man who makes his brothers smile with hope than the one who merely arouses admiration for personal achievment. It is a nobler act to give a fellow mortal food for courage to pursue his journey that by some literary acrobatic feat to arrest his startled attention. I would rather compile a book of optimism than to create a masterpiece of pessimism. With the old creeds, the old, despondent literature must go, the books which leave their readers with broken ideals, lower estimates of humanity, and lessened courage for the battles of life. In their places we must have the books which arouse ambition, stimulate hope, and renew courage."

The Value of Love
Poetry Compilation edited by Frederic Lawrence Knowles
178 p.
Excerpts from great poets and authors including : Shakespeare, Ovid, Browning, Maeterlinck; Milton, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Robert Burns, Christina Rossetti, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and many more.

Victorian Parlour Poetry: An Annotated Anthology.
Edited by Michael R. Turner.
[sl,sn], 1969.
"Represented here are such well-known poets as Lord Byron, Robert Browing, Sir Walter Scott, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Edgar Allan Poe, Rudyard Kipling, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and John Greenleaf Whittier.  Also included are a host of versifiers now largely forgotten but whose work has nevertheless brought them a measure of lasting fame: George R. Sims, Rose Hartwick Thorpe, Felicia Dorothea Hemans, Sir Henry Newbolt, Hariet A. Glazebrook, G. P. Morris, Samuel Woodworth, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and numerous others."

The Victory.
Washington, DC: The President's Own" United States Marine Band, [1915].
Notes: unfinished, libretto by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. music (never written) by John Philip Sousa: "the operetta was never completed and no music by Sousa has been found." The Works of John Philip Sousa by Paul Bierley.

The voice of the voiceless.
 Albany, N.Y. : American Humane Association, n.d.
1 sheet. 23 x 16 cm.
 NOTES: 1 broadsheet.
 The voice of the voiceless [First line: I am the voice of the  voiceless].--Christ crucified [First line: Now ere I slept, my prayer had been that I might see my way].

The way to happiness : a drama in two acts (and other plays).
Whithead, Ethel.
Girard, Kan. : Progressive Woman Publishing Co., [1907-1913].
31 p. ; 19 cm.
NOTES: The way of happiness -- Columbia's garden -- The stuff that heroes are made of -- Patchwork -- The red flag -- The voice of the people / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- Woman / Arthur Bridwell.

Werner's Readings & Recitations
No. 29
Platform Recitations compiled and arranged by Elise West.
New York, Edgar S. Werner & Co., c.1903.
Includes: "Laugh, and the World Laughs with You".- Ella Wheeler Wilcox p.147

What I know about New Thought.
Offprint from Nautilus Magazine, Holyoke, Massachusetts, ca. 1907. First separate printing. 3.5 x 6.5 inches, 7 pages.

What others say about the "Mormons".
Widtsoe, John A.
Independence, Mo.: Zion's Printing & Publishing, [no date].
NOTES:Contains quotes from famous people about the Mormons, i.e. John S. Reid, Mathew S. Davis, Josiah Quincy, Thomas L.Kane, Howard Stansbury, John Wilson, J. W. Gunnison, Lord Houghton, Jules Remy, Julius Brenchley, William Chandless, Sir Richard F. Burton, William Hepworth Dixon, Charles Dickens, Daniel S. Tuttle, P. T. Barnum, Thomas Cook, H. S. Brown (Baptist Minister in London), Alexander White, Bayard Taylor, Hon. Hugh McCullough, Phil Robinson, Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, James W. Barclay, Helen Hunt Jackson, Belva A. Lockwood, General Porfinio Diaz, John A. Cockerill, J. M. Studebaker, Lord Minto, General William Booth, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Elbert Hubbard, Erling Bjornson, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and others.

Whatever is - is best.
 [n.p., n.d.]
 Broadside. 11 x 7 cm.
ALT TITLE: I know, as my life grows older

 "Who lies?" : lecture delivered by V.E. Southworth before the First Unitarian Society of Ware, Mass.
by Southworth, Victor Emanuel.
[Ware, Mass.? : s.n., 1894]
 [6] p. ; 24 cm.
 NOTES: Caption title. Back page, "Open the Windows," poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

"Who seeks salvation."
Broadside. 20 x 11 cm.
NOTES: At head of text: Who seek salvation must first learn the lesson of kindness.
ALT TITLE: Pointing up to the silent skies

"Wife or country" a one act military playlet
1976, 1903
Archive/Manuscript Control
11 p.
SERIES: Copyright deposits, 1901-1944 ; reel no. 81.
NOTES: Microfilm. Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1976. Part of 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. (Copyright deposits 1901-1944 ; reel no. 81)
OTHER: Keene, Mattie.
Full text of this play is available.

Thompson, John Gilbert, 1862-1940.
Winning a cause : World War stories.
Boston ; New York ; Chicago : Silver, Burdett and Company, 1919.
viii, [2], 363 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.
Note: Poems on lining-papers: In Flanders now / Edna Jacques -- After-days / Eric Chilman.
Note: Sequel to "Lest we forget, the first volume of World War stories".--Pref.
Contents: Why the United States entered the War -- America comes in / Klaxton -- Pershing at the tomb of Lafayette / Amelia Josephine Burr -- America enters the War / David Lloyd George -- First to fall in battle -- Four soldiers -- Where the four winds meet / Geoffrey Dalrymple Nash -- Soldiers who go to sea -- When the tide turned / Otto H. Kahn -- Boy of Perugia -- Redeemed Italy -- Song of the aviator / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- Nations born and reborn -- "To Villingen, and back" -- Alsace-Lorraine -- Call to arms in our street / W.M. Letts -- Kaiser's crown / Charles Mackay -- Quality of mercy -- Really invincible armada -- "I knew you would come" / Ernest M. Stires -- Searchlights / Alfred Noyes -- Fighting a depth bomb -- Second line of defense -- U.S. Destroyer Osmond C. Ingram -- Joyce Kilmer -- Blocking the Channel -- Fleet that lost its soul -- Little old road / Gertrude Vaughan -- Harry Lauder sings / George Adams -- Thirteenth Regiment -- Where are you going, Great-Heart? / John Oxenham -- Capture of Dun -- Bombing Metz / Raoul Lufbery -- Unspeakable Turk -- Secret Service / Roger William Riis -- At the front / G.B. Manwaring -- Carol from Flanders / Frederick Niven -- Miner and the tiger -- Lost Battalion -- United States Day -- November 11, 1918 -- In memoriam / Alfred Tennyson -- United States at war, in France / John J. Pershing -- United States at war, at home -- Congressional message / Woodrow Wilson -- President Wilson in France.
Full text of this poem is available.

Wisconsin in Story and Song.
Rounds, Charles Ralph, editor
Madison, WI Parker Edu. Co. 1916.
Selections of poetry and prose of Badger State Writers. 1st edition.
Notes: Writers included in this book are: Hamlin Garland, John Muir, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edna Ferber, Zona Gale, George Teeple, Frederick Turner, Paul Reinsch, Grant Showerman, Hattie Griswold, William Neidig, George Peck and William Kirk, just to name a few.

Engels, Terry R.
A Wisconsin Christmas anthology.
St. Cloud, Minn. : Partridge Press, 1989.
152 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Features Christmas stories, poems, letters, historical anecdotes, recipies, and tales to read aloud. Featured authors include: John Muir, Ben Hecht, Hamlin Garland, Ben Logan, Art Lee, George Kennan, Sterling North, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Zona Gale, Robert Peters, Justin Isherwood, Edna Ferber, Carol Ryrie Brink, Dave Engel, Jerry Apps, Claude Allouez, S.J., Dr. Henry Van Dyke, Henry Schoolcraft, Edna Meudt, Jacques Marquette, S.J., Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P., Susan Burdick Davis, Dolores Curran, Edna Houng, Lina Burkhardt Allmann, Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

The Witching Weed - A Smoker's Anthology.
Compiled by Albert E. Sims
London / Bombay/ Sydney: George G. Harrap & Co., 1927.
The Choice Books. Revised.
Printed: Riverside Press. Edinburgh, Scotland.
207 Pages.  5.50 inches x 3.75 inches.
"A Beautifully-Bound British Book About Tobacco & Smoking. This beautifully-crafted book features dozens of writings, poems, and prose about tobacco and smoking, from throughout history. Dozens of illustrious / famous writers are represented. Writers include - Conte Arabe, William Barclay, J. M. Barrie, Bauernfeld, E. L. Blanchard, Wilfred Brinton, Isaac Hawkins Browne, Bulwer-Lytton, Lord Byron, Thomas Carlyle, Jacob Cats, William Cowper, Charles Dickens, Edward VII, Ralph Erskine, Joseph Warren Fabens, Fairholt, Henry Fielding, Dr. Garth, Graevius, Arthur W. Gundry, O. W. Holmes, Thomas Hood, Eyessick Hots, Leigh Hunt, Professor Huxley, Douglas Jerrold, Ben Jonson, Charles Kingsley, Charles Knight, Charles Lamb, The Abbe de Lattaignant, Henry S. Leigh, James Russell Lowell, Captain Marryat, Milton, Pepys, Plautus, Samuel Rowlands, Sam Slick, Jules Sandeau, Le Sieur de Saint-Amant, Horace Smith, John L. B. Soule, Robert Southey, William Makepeace Thackeray, Daniel Webster, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, George Wither, etc."

The woman's story : as told by twenty American women.
New York : Hurst, 1889.
xi, 541 p. : ports. ; 19 cm.
NOTES: Uncle Lot / Harriet Beecher Stowe -- Old Madame / Harriet Prescott Spofford -- Tirar y Soult / Rebecca Harding Davis -- Tom Foster's wife / Edna Dean Proctor -- Fourth of July in Jonesville / Marietta Holley -- Dorothy / Nora Perry -- The trial of Beryl / Augusta Evans Wilson -- "Nan" / Louise Chandler Moulton -- A memorable murder / Celia Thaxter -- A cup of cold water / Sara J. Lippincott -- An evening's adventure / Abba Gould Woolson -- Adam Floyd / Mary J. Holmes -- My borrowing neighbor / Margaret E. Sangster -- The girl's sketching camp / Olive Thorne Miller --A crisis / Ezilabeth W. Champney -- Meg / Julia C.R. Dorr -- A Confederate idyl / Marion Harland -- Transcendental wild oats / Louisa May Alcott --Dave's wife / Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- The deacon's week / Rose Terry Cooke.

Won, Anthony
Tony's Scrap Book.
The Reilly & Lee Company, 1930.
CBS Radio Editions
Combined Radio Editions of 1927-1928-1929.
Some notables represented in this book are P. T. Barnum, John Burroughs, Eugene Field, Hamlin Garland, Theodosia Garrison, Strickland Gillilan, Edgar A. Guest, William E. Henley, A. E. Housman, Ben King, Samuel E. Kiser, Douglas Malloch, Walt mason, J. P. McEvoy, Wilbur D. Nesbit, John Boyle O'Reilly, James Whitcomb Riley, Robert Louis Stevenson, Walt Whitman and Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Words of Comfort and Cheer.
Edited by Mrs. Charles Cowman.
28th Printing. 1976.
collection of 365 messages of comfort and encouragement includes excerpts from the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson, John Greenleaf Whittier, Isaac Watts, F. B. Meyer, Edgar A. Guest, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, R. E. Neighbour, Francis Ridley Havergal, Robert Browning, Grace Noll Crowell and many other accomplished poets and devotional writers.

The World's Best Authors : Their Works and Photographs.
Horace C. Fry.
Religious Life. In this department alone are nearly one hundred gems, each with its own peculiar beauty and attraction, by Pope, Cowper, Mrs. Sigourney, the Cary sisters, Newman, Ella Wheeler, and scores of others.

The world's need.
Boston : Alfred Bartlett, 1903.
Broadside. 12 x 16 cm.
NOTES: Rubricated initial.
ALT TITLE: So many gods, so many creeds

The World's 1000 Best Poems.
Berton Braley, Editor-In-Chief
New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1929.
Volume X: Widdemer - Zola. Includes Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Worth While Poems
by Homer A. Rodeheaver
Chicago and Philadelphia : Rodeheaver Company, 1916.
Contents: 43 different poems including some by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Mrs D.A. Terradell, Atlanta Constitution, Rudyard Kipling, W.F Kirk and many more.

[Worthy the name of Sir knight], poem.
Meriden, Conn., 1919.
[Phamphlet. Reprinted for the fiftieth anniversary of St. Elmo Commandery, No. 9, K.T.]
Full text available.  

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