Robert Marius Wilcox
About 1848-1916
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From the copy owned by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Negative No. WHi (x3) 25099
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Robert and Ella Wilcox. 
From Period Piece : Ella Wheeler Wilcox and her times.
Robert and Ella[No date]. 
From The Worlds and I.
From The Worlds and I.
"Mr. Wilcox was engaged in the Manufacture of sterling silver works of art, and his business house, from which he retired June, 1904, still retains his name 'The Wilcox and Wagoner Co.,' at 41 Union Square, New York."
From: The Story of a Literary Career
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox c1905

This Victorian Acorn Shaped Tea Ball is in Excellent Condition. Measures 1 3/4" Tall. The Top Diameter is 1 1/2". Classic Acorn Design by a company in New York in 1904.
 -- From

Wilcox & Wagoner hallmarks with the
sword & wreath. Nice Early Sterling Tea Ball with rare American Hallmark.
This Company was bought by the Watson Co. in 1905 -- From

Reticulated sterling silver basket by Wilcox & Wagoner, New York, New
York, ca. 1905; with stationary handle. 14 1/2" wide, 10" high; 32 troy ounces.
Trumpet shaped epergne with two hanging baskets. The center vase is for flowers and the baskets for candy.
The word "Sterling" and the number "5845" appears on all three pieces.

Touch mark for Wilcox and Wagoner Silver Company, New York (1904 Mark,Wreath with Sabre).

Large sterling basket measures 10" in diameter and 3" high at the rim. It's heavy gauge and weighs over 570 grams. 
Has a floral border around the rim and base, with floral bouquets draping from the border into the bowl.The fixed handle is decorated with a leaf design and monogramed with an "M". 

Sterling, 9178 1/2, 10. 
Teapot. 1 pint antique sterling teapot marked with Wilcox and Wagoner's hallmark, circa 1904. It is also marked STERLING 6443 and 1 PINT on the base. It stands 8 1/4".
Sterling tea ball. It is stamped with a
sword through a wreath, sterling, and the number 5203. I believe it to have been made by Wilcox and Wagoner out of New York and dating to the turn of the 19th century. This tea ball is a large one measuring 2 inches tall minus the chain by 1 1/2 inches wide.
Sterling Silver Sugar Bowl is made by Wilcox & Wagoner Silver Co of New York, NY, which was bought out by Watson Silver Co in 1905. 
It carries the #1198 as well as the maker mark. The bowl is four footed & measures 2 1/2" high x 4 3/4" long x 3 3/4" wide x 2 1/2" deep. The design is in the helmet shape with gentle flutes that lead to the parallel line border-rim. script monogram one side 'VW'
Wilcox & Wagoner 9" bowl.
Wilcox & Wagoner manufactured in New York until 1905 when they were purchased by the Watson Silver Co. It is ornately chased around the border and the underside is as nicely finished as the interior of the bowl. The rim is 1" high so this is a shallow bowl.
Wonderful 2 handled bowl on a pedestal made by Wilcox & Wagoner.
The bowl opening measures 7" across thetop and 9 1/2" across the widest point. It is more than 4 1/2" high. The Pedestal is 4 1/4" across. There is a monogram of an "M" between the bands.

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