Ella Wheeler Wilcox from 1900-1919
Photographs, portraits, paintings, and drawings
of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, her family and homes.
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Hotels in New York City. Including the St. Albans and the Everett House. 
After the death of their only baby, they moved to New York City in 1887. They started summering in Short Beach, CT in 1890. 
"For six months of each year, from November to May, Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox have resided in the Metropolis and from May to November in their summer home, 'The Bungalow,' Short Beach, Conn., a few miles east of Yale College." [The Story of a Literary Career]
Circa 1900
From Poems of Pleasure
[called "recent" in "My Autobiography" from August 1901]
[no date]
From Women without Superstition by Annie Laurie Gaylor, p. 292. 
Photo by G.V.Buck, Washington DC.  State Historical Society of Wisconsin, WHi(x3)24847.
The Bungalow, Short Beach, Connecticut
Ella and Robert ususally spent the summer here and the winter in New York City. This was the home they were fondest of and that is most well known. 
"When Robert retired in 1906 [1904 in some sources] this seacoast haven became their permanent home." [The Milton House Museum Historic Site, Milton, Wisconsin
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; neg. no. LC USZ 62 69059
From "My Autobiography" in The Cosmopolitan, August 1901. 
"Latest Photograph" 
Circa 1902. 
From Poems of Power.
From Poems of Love.
From The Worlds and I.
From Maurine and other poems.
Ella's favorite pets were her cats.[no date]. 
"Her Favorite Photograph" 
 From Adventures in Editing by Charles Hanson Towne. 
[no date]. 
"Ella Wheeler Wilcox and her favorite cat, Banjo" from The Complete Book of the Cat.
[no date]
Ella at the harp. 
Unknown source.
Summer, 1905 
Ella at the annual Bungalow Costume Ball as "Princess White Wings," the name bestowed upon her by the Sioux Indians who she met at the Pan-American Exposition [1901]. 
From The Worlds and I.
From Maurine and Other Poems
"Strickland, copyright 06"?
Circa 1907
From Period Piece : Ella Wheeler Wilcox and her times. 
Cartoon by Howard Freeman.
From The Worlds and I.
Portait by Arthur Learned1909. 
From Period Piece : Ella Wheeler Wilcox and her times. 
Portrait by Arthur Learned.
Circa 1910? 
From The Worlds and I. 
[left to right] Theodosia Garrison, Ella, Rhoda Hero Dunn. On the sea-wall at The Bungalow.
Ella traveled with her mandolin.[no date]. 
From The Worlds and I.
Circa 1910? 
From "Poems of Life".
Silhouette by Kate P. Parker. 
Published in Cosmopolitan in 1911.
circa 1911. 
From Poems of Passion
"Heath, L.A. CAL."
From More Poems.
[No date.]
From an unknown British newspaper obituary in 1919.
Ella in 1913May 1913. 
In her presentation garb for Court of King George and Queen Mary of England. 
From Period Piece: Ella Wheeler Wilcox and her times.
[No date.] 
From The Worlds and I. 
[left to right] Luther Burbank and Ella.
From: "Makers of Modern American Poetry - Women." The Mentor 8:9 (June 15, 1920) also in The Worlds and I.
From Period Piece: Ella Wheeler Wilcox and her times.
From: The Worlds and I also in the Library of Congress.
Mary Randall and Ella: "The Lily of Peace" Armistice Day (November 11, 1918). 
From The Evolution of Ella Wheeler Wilcox and other Wheelers by Marcus P. Wheeler.
From: The Worlds and I. 
After the death of her husband, Robert.
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