Ella Wheeler from 1850-1884
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Ella was born on November 5, 1850 at Johnstown, Rock County, Wisconsin "in a rented house on the present County A at Scharine Corner east of Janesville. Then it was the busy Mineral Point-Milwaukee Road."
Marcus Hartwell Wheeler. 1808-1899 
Ella's Father. 
From The Worlds and I
See also Ella's Family Tree.
Sarah J. Pratt. 1814-1906. 
Ella's Mother. 
From The Worlds and I. 
See also Ella's Family Tree.
The Wheeler Home near Westport, Dane County, Wisconsin. They moved in April 1852. Ella left in April 1884 when she left to be married . The house burned down in the 1920s. 
From The Worlds and I.
The Wheeler Home, Johnstown. From Janesville Gazette, July 24, 1925. At that time the homestead was owned by Mrs. J.W.Jones of Johnstown.
Ella age 101860. Age ten. [also captioned as age 12 in "My Autobiography"] 
From The Worlds and I.
1860. Age ten. 
From The Evolution of Ella Wheeler Wilcox and other Wheelers by Marcus P. Wheeler.
The Ella Wheeler Wilcox School, Windsor, Wisconsin. 
Ella went to school in this one room schoolhouse until she was about fifteen. 
From The Worlds and I.
Ella age 151866. Age fifteen. 
From The World and I.
Age sixteen. 
From "My Autobiography".
Ella age 201871. Age twenty. 
From The Story of a Literary Career.
1870s? Age twenties? 
Photograph found mounted in 1883 copy of Poems of Passion.
1870s? Age twenties? 
Photograph found mounted in 1883 copy of Poems of Passion.
Ella in her 20s?1870s?. Age twenty? 
From the copy owned by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Negative No. WHi (x3) 5468 [they dated it May 10, 1917]
Ella was born in this house, 1850"...during a period of fully twenty years I was a frequent guest in his home." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1890.
The Braley House, still standing today at 422 N. Henry Street, Madison, Wisconsin.
[no date] 
From Period Piece.
1870s? Age twenties? 
From The Worlds and I.
According to "My Autobiography" in The Cosmopolitan, August 1901.
1880s? Age thirty? 
From The Worlds and I.
1883. Age thirty-two. 
"...when her compellling lover who was to dominate her life appeared, no tremors gave her warning of his presence. Here she is in the costume she wore on that fateful occasion."  
From The Worlds and I.
1884. Age thirty-three. 
"Ella Wheeler at the time of her marriage..."  
From The Worlds and I.
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