You and Your Hand : the last word on this fascinating study. by Cheiro.
New York: Doubleday, Doran & Co. 1931.
p. 274-275



The hand of Ella Wheeler Wilcox provides a good example of a sloping Line of Head denoting poetic instinct and talent.

The type of hand itself is that of the Conic with long fingers. The thumb also id decidedly long, indicative of strong will power.

When the authoress of Poems of Passion came to me as a client during my season in New York, she gave no name to my secretary, but took her appointment under a number, as all my clients were in the habit of doing during my professional career.

She was amazed when I sketched out her life as that of a poetess with an extraordinary gift of expression, especially on subjects that dealt with humanity in the aggregate with the theme of love as the principal harmony running through all her poems or writings.

I next described her home life, so full of affection and nobility of spirit that, although married to a man her complete opposite in character, they had lived together, each in their own world, like parallel lines, exactly as the mark of marriage under the fourth finger appears to indicate.

When the interview was over she went back into the reception room and wrote in my Visitors' Book the following eloquent words:

The study of people gifted with occult powers has interested me for several years. I have met and consulted scores during these studies. In every respect I consider Cheiro the most highly gifted of all. He helps--as well as astonishes.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
New York
I had pointed out to this talented woman the warning given by the Line of Health, that the mental tension under which she worked was undermining her constitution and would considerably shorten her life.

She passed to her long rest in her early fifties at exactly the point indicated on her hand where the Line of Health intersects that of Life.

[Note: Ella died just days short of her 70th birthday, November 5, 1850-October 30, 1919--rae]