Who Was Who in America.
Chicago, IL: Marquis Publishing, 1968
volume 1, page 1344

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, author; b. (Wheeler) Johnstown Centre, Wis., 1855; ed. U of Wis; m. Robert M. Wilcox, 1884 (died 1916). Contbr. New York Journal and Chicago American. Author; An Ambitious Man; a Double Life; Drops of Water; Sweet Danger; Was it Suicide? Every-Day Thoughts; Poems of Passion; Maurine; Poems of Pleasure; Three Women; Kingdom of Love, and Other Poems; An Erring Woman's Love; Men, Women, and Emotions; The Beautiful Land of Nod; Poems of Power; Around the Year with Ella Wheeler Wilcox (birthday book); A Woman of the World, 1904; Poems of Sentiment, 1906; New Thought Common Sense and What Life Means to Me; The Love Sonnets of Abelard and Heloise; Poems of Progress and New Thought Pastels, 1909; Sailing Sunny Seas, 1910; Gems, 1912; Picked Poems, 1912; Woman of the World, 1912; Art of Being Alive, 1914; Cameos, 1914; Historical Mother Goose, 1914; Poems of Problems, 1914; Lest We Forget, 1915; World Voices, 1916; The World and I (autobiography), 1918. In Europe as representative of the Red Star, 1918. Home: Short Beach, Conn. Died Oct. 31, 1919.