Ritterhouse, Jessie Belle.
The Little book of American poets, 1787-1900.
Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1971, c1917.
xxiii, 350 p. 21 cm.
(Granger Index Reprint Series)
p. 348-349

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler.    Born in Johnstown Center, Wisconsin, 185-. Educated at the University of Wisconsin. Married in 1884 to Robert M. Wilcox of Meriden, Connecticut. Mrs. Wilcox has for many years enjoyed a wide popularity with the people and there are few homes in America where her work is not known. She has been writing from earliest youth and has published a great many volumes of which the best known are "Poems of Passion," "Abelard and Heloise," "Poems of Progress," "Poems of Power," and "Poems of Problems."