Famous women : an outline of feminine achievement through the ages with life stories of five hundred noted women.
by Joseph Adelman
New York : Pictorial Review, c1928.
p. 259
   Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1855-1919), an American writer of popular verse, born at Johnstown Centre, Wisconsin. She was married to Robert M. Wilcox in 1884, and then moved to New York, where she became a successful contributor to magazines, and wrote many short essays for the New York Journal and Chicago American.
   Her principal books are: "Poems of Passion" (1883), "Poems of Pleasure" (1888), "Men, Women and Emotions" (1896), and "The Story of a Literary Career" (1905).
   Though many critics refused to take Mrs. Wilcox's work seriously, she found a large public for her writings in both verse and prose.