Myers, Robin.
A dictionary of literature in the English language, from Chaucer to 1940.
Oxford: Pergamon, [1970]
volume 1, p. 912

American poetess, born in Wisconsin; educated at the University of Wisconsin; Poems of Passion were criticised as immoral; married Robert M. Wilcox (1884), a silversmith, and settled at Mendin, Connecticut; travelled widely, and was presented at Court (1913); gave readings of her poems to the army during the First World War.

L. of C.

Drops of water, poems. 1872.
Shells. 1873.
Maurine. 1876.
Poems of Passion. [1883].
The birth of the opal. 1886.
Mal moule'e, a novel. 1886.
Perdita, and other stories [1886].
The adventures of Miss Volney [1888].
Poems of pleasure [1888].
A double life [1891].
How Salvator won, and other recitations. 1891.
The beautiful Land of Nod [1892].
An erring woman's love [1892].
The song of the sandwich [1893].
An ambitious man [1896].
Custer, and other poems [1896].
Men, women and emotions 1896.
Three women [1897].
Every-day thoughts in prose and verse [1901].
The heart of the new thought. 1902
Kingdom of love and how Salvator won [1902].
Sweet danger [1902].
Around the year [1904].
A woman of the world; her counsel to other people's sons and daughters. 1905.
Mizpah; or, the story of Esther, poetical drama in four acts (with L. Searelle) [1905].
Poems of love [1905].
Poems of reflection [1905].
The story of a literary career [1905].
Poems of sentiment, containing An erring woman's love, Loe's supremacy and Worth while, etc. [1906].
New thought pastels (poems) [1906].
New thought common sense and what life means to me [1908].
Poems of progress and New thought pastels [1909].
Sailing sunny seas, a story of travel [1909].
Picked poems. 1912.
Gems from Ella Wheeler Wilcox [1912].
Poems of problems. 1914
The art of being alive; success through thought. 1914.
Cameos. 1914.
Lest we forget [1914?].
World voices [1916].
Sonnets of sorrow and triumph [1918].
The worlds and I [1918].
Poems [1919?].
Poems of power.
Collected poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox [1924].