by Richard A. Edwards
The complete IMAGE and/or TEXT is available of some of the works listed  marked with this image.
This Ella Wheeler Wilcox Bibliography, composed of several linked web pages, has been created from many sources and continues to grow constantly as discoveries lead to new information. Where possible, images of the covers, page information, and even the full text have been included in this interactive bibliography. The citations have been divided into six sub-bibliographies. These are Articles (Magazines), Books, Music, Archives, Biography, and Miscellaneous. Some items are listed in more than one group.

Articles (Magazines) includes all the articles, including poems, published by Ella in magazines, journals and newspapers. This list is in alphabetical order by title.

Books includes all book length publications written by Ella. I have tried to list all editions known, but group them using tables into one entry for each title. A single entry will include all known editions, paper and microfilm. I have also linked reviews, plot summaries and other pertinent information. I have tried to include the images of the books covers by the appropriate publisher's edition. I have also produced a simple title list and a list of titles in order of year of first publication.

Music includes all sheet and audio music written by Ella, including poems of Ella's put to music by other artists.

Archives is a list of those archival collections of Ella's papers and other Ella memorabilia such as photographs. I have listed both the content of these collections as best as I can and their location for future research. As a subset, Ella's letters have been added on their own page.

Biography includes mostly brief entries and articles about Ella rather than works by her though her autobiographical works are included. The list is alphabetical by author. There is a list of those biographical items in full text listed by year published as well.

Miscellaneous includes everything else I couldn't figure out how to include in the five categories above. This includes plays, short stories, joint works, etc. There is also a link here to a list of miscellaneous notes I have compiled about Ella from other sources.

I have also included a link on each bibliography web page to my Poetry Index as well as to return to the main Ella Home Page.

Below is a list of the sources I've used to date to compile this bibliography.

Sources: Anyone with further information on ANY items not included above is encouraged to contact me at richard@ellawheelerwilcox.org.

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